Tianxin was awarded two provincial and municipal level honorsPublish Time:2023-05-19 12:39

Recently, according to the "Implementation Rules for Gradient Cultivation Management of High Quality Small and Medium Enterprises in Shanghai" (Hu Jing Xin Norms [2022] No. 8), after strict evaluation and comprehensive evaluation by an expert group, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology has publicly announced the list of specialized, refined, and new small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai for 2022. Shanghai Tianxin Green Food Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Tramy Group, is listed. Tianxin was not only selected as a "specialized, refined, and innovative" enterprise, but also won the title of Shanghai Innovative Small and Medium Enterprises in the same month.

Specialized, refined, and innovative refers to a leading enterprise with specialized, refined, distinctive, and innovative development characteristics, focusing on segmented markets, strong innovation capabilities, high market share, mastery of key core technologies, and excellent quality and efficiency.

Innovative small and medium-sized enterprises refer to high-quality enterprises with strong innovation capabilities and development potential in terms of products, technology, management, models, etc. They are the fundamental force driving social and economic development.

The recognition of specialized, refined, and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai this time is a high recognition of Tianxin's technological innovation ability by higher-level departments and industry institutions, as well as a full recognition of Tianxin's industry influence and future development potential. This will boost Tianxin's confidence in optimizing the competitiveness of people's livelihood, ensuring food intelligent manufacturing, and help Tramy Group's high-quality development process.