Feng Zhiyong, Party Secretary of Shanghai Agriculture and Rural Committee, inspected TramyPublish Time:2023-05-19 12:58

On March 9th, Feng Zhiyong, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Shanghai Agriculture and Rural Committee, visited Tramy to inspect the development of the vegetable industry and the situation of modern facility agriculture. Lv Xuecheng, Deputy District Mayor of Pudong New Area, Su Jinshan, Secretary and Director of the Party Group of the New Area Agriculture and Rural Committee, and Shen Jianhua, Chairman of Tramy Group, were accompanied by other leaders.

Feng Zhiyong (front row center), Secretary and Director of the Party Group of Shanghai Agriculture and Rural Committee, inspected the Tramy Waist Road Base

Feng Zhiyong (second from the right in the front row) inspected the headquarters of Tramy Group

Feng Zhiyong and his team first inspected the "machine replacement" situation of green leafy vegetables at the Zhangjiaqiao base of Tramy Group. Subsequently, at the Tramy Waist Road Base, the focus was on exploring intelligent greenhouses and seedling workshops for vegetables. Chairman Shen Jianhua introduced Tramy's intelligent production of vegetables, intelligent development of rice, and overall industrial chain layout to Director Feng Zhiyong.

Feng Zhiyong pointed out that major fresh food sales platform companies are increasing their layout in agricultural production, which is both a challenge and an opportunity for traditional agriculture. Traditional agriculture should be laid out with the concept of a big food concept, and through the promotion of the entire industrial chain, it should take the path of broad and high-quality agricultural development. The work done by Tramy in this regard is commendable, representing the comprehensive level of Shanghai and forming a model of "technology and services entering rural areas".