Handle practical matters and eliminate hidden dangersPublish Time:2023-05-30 11:57

On March 29th, the Equipment Department of the Group received a banner with the words "Doing practical things for the people and helping the elderly and weak eliminate hidden dangers" from the Urban Operation Management Center of Xuanqiao Town, expressing gratitude to Zhao Jun and Wang Fa, employees of the Tramy Equipment Department, for their kindness in helping the elderly and weak eliminate hidden dangers in electrical circuits.

In order to further improve the level of fire management and effectively ensure fire safety in the jurisdiction, starting from January 2022, the Xuanqiao Town Urban Operation Management Center has established an emergency team to eliminate electrical hazards, focusing on solving the problems of electrical circuit problems, lack of electrical related knowledge among some residents, and weak awareness of disaster prevention, which have led to the frequent occurrence of fire accidents in the region.

Zhao Jun and Wang Fa, electricians from the Tramy Equipment Department, actively signed up and took advantage of their professional abilities and obligations to eliminate safety hazards for the elderly and disadvantaged households in the area, solve problems such as non-standard electrical wiring and aging and disrepair of lines, enhance residents' fire prevention awareness, and ensure safe electricity use during weekends. As of now, the Zhao Jun and Wang Fa teams have provided door-to-door services to more than 20 households, totaling more than 18 times. They have utilized the skills and responsibilities of Tramy craftsmen to better serve the local people in practical and good deeds.