Respecting and loving the elderly with normal carePublish Time:2023-05-30 11:58

As a civilized unit in Shanghai,Tramy Group pays special attention to respecting and loving the elderly, normalizing the activities of respecting and institutionalizing the work of assisting the elderly, and spreading the positive energy of civilized practice in the new era.

On March 30th, representatives of the Sanzao Elderly Home in Pudong New Area sent a banner to Tramy Group with the words "Love Spreads in the Elderly Home, Truly Warms the Heart of the Elderly". We express our gratitude to all employees of Tramy Group for their long-term care and care for the elderly, and to Tramy Group for regularly providing comfort products to the elderly in the nursing home.

Tramy employees persevere and come to Sanzao Elderly Home to comfort the elderly all year round, chat with each other and patiently listen to their voices and needs, and do their best to provide care for the elderly.