Tramy Bean Products Science Popularization Base ActivitiesPublish Time:2023-07-03 07:39

The 2023 Shanghai Science and Technology Festival will be held from May 20th to 31st. The Tramy Bean Products Science and Technology Popularization Base actively participates and carries out the theme activity of the "Regular Eating of Legumes, Healthy Life" Science and Technology Festival. During the event, the Tramy Bean Products Science and Technology Popularization Base improves and supplements the content of science and technology courseware, relying on the science and technology popularization facilities of the group headquarters and its own channels and stores, and combines the latest food industry trends, healthy eating methods, and tofu culture with modern production on-site display, Encourage students with knowledge of traditional soy products to generate more new ideas. Bringing in, going out, amplifying the effectiveness of science popularization communication, and improving the scientific literacy of the audience.