Qianye Tofu" officially restored to its common namePublish Time:2023-08-08 11:27

On May 20, the Trademark Office of the China National Intellectual Property Administration issued the 1840 Trademark Announcement - Announcement of Cancellation of Registered Trademarks. The trademark "Thousand page Tofu" was cancelled according to law and officially restored to the common name.

Qianye tofu, mainly made from soy protein isolate and water, is widely used in cooking such as dry pots, fragrant pots, and pickled vegetables. As an innovative category in the soy product family, the emergence of Qianye tofu has opened up broad market space for the promotion and consumption of soy products. However, with the registration of "Qianye tofu" as a trademark in 2013, there is a dispute over the trademark and common name, Its production and sales market has entered a long-term chaotic stagnation. Now, with the release of the 1840th trademark announcement, the 10-year road of "Thousand Page Tofu" rights protection has officially come to an end.