Tramy Craftsman Wins Honor in the Chinese Fermented Noodle Skills CompetitionPublish Time:2023-08-08 11:31

The yellow and purple red "sweet potatoes" of "corn" are stacked on the plate - these are not real vegetables and fruits, but creative pastries brought by the Tramy master.

Clear and beautiful pictographic pastries are lifelike, 

with a complete range of colors, aromas, and flavors

On June 5th, as a supporting event of the 2023 Shanghai International Sugar and Liquor Food Fair, the first Chinese Fermented Noodle Skills Competition "Louis Lesafford Cup" was officially held. The Tramy Noodle Product Team actively participated, leveraging Chinese pastry skills such as frying, steaming, and kneading, using various flavor mixing techniques and different molding techniques to bring various forms of pictographic pastries to the competition. Tramy Rice Noodle Products have a complete range of colors, aromas, flavors, and shapes, Received unanimous praise from the attending judges and audience. After a fierce competition throughout the day, Typhoon Shelter, Jinjiang Hotel, Laoshengchang, Xinghualou, Qiaojiazha, and Tramy Group won the team gold medal. Ding Zhihua fromTramy Group, Xu Chenchen from Xinghualou, and Cao Zhensheng from Tramy Group won the individual gold medal.