Tramy Agriculture Participated in the Launching Meeting of Agricultural Machinery InstitutePublish Time:2023-08-08 11:46

On the morning of June 5th, Tramy Agricultural Technology participated in the launch meeting of the cooperation base held by the Shanghai Agricultural Machinery Research Institute at No. 55 Nanhua Street, Minhang District.

This kickoff meeting provided a detailed introduction to the purpose of Shanghai Tramy Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., which is the location of agricultural machinery. Based on the vegetable production base of Tramy Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., we will fully leverage the research and development achievements of the agricultural machinery's vegetable and fruit machinery. We will carry out full process mechanical equipment selection, agricultural equipment improvement, machine harvesting operation training, machine maintenance, and other technical innovation services for main varieties such as chicken hair vegetables and green vegetables, Assist Tramy Agricultural Technology Company in exploring a replicable and promotable fully mechanized operation mode for green leafy vegetables, achieving modern and fully mechanized production of green leafy vegetables, and promoting stable economic growth of Tramy Agricultural Technology.

Li Li, General Manager of Tramy Agricultural Technology Company, stated that the company attaches great importance to this cooperation and will provide various service guarantees for the personnel stationed in the agricultural machinery department. Both parties should fully leverage their respective advantages, and combine the goal of national agricultural modernization production as support to explore the full mechanized operation mode of green leafy vegetables and achieve win-win cooperation between both parties.