Tramy Fine Management Upgrades Again, Mobile Red Flag Begins a New JourneyPublish Time:2023-08-08 12:34

The picture shows Lu Hailei (first from right), Director of Operations

 Department 1, presenting an award to the award-winning store

On July 5th, the Tramy Xianjia Mobile Red Flag Commendation Ceremony was held in the report hall on the 17th floor of the group headquarters, attended by the Vice Chairman of Tramy Group, the Seven Major Operating Directors, and representatives of award-winning stores. This store mobile red flag selection activity is an important part of the refined management of Tramy Fresh Home stores, aiming to fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity of stores, comprehensively optimize store products, services, and management, and bring consumers a better consumption experience. The selection mainly focuses on eight dimensions of store operation big data (turnover, gross profit margin, loss rate, etc.), display vividness, category richness, food freshness, environmental comfort, service satisfaction, and five zero execution (quality complaint zero, food safety accident zero, service complaint zero, environmental hygiene error zero, and work injury accident zero) for comprehensive evaluation. Finally, the top three stores in the ranking were awarded the mobile red flag, They are the top ten stores - Yunying Road store, excellent store - Guanglan Road store, and good store - Chuangxin West Road 2 stores, all from the Operations Department.

The first operating department has won the top spot in the mobile red flag selection, while the second operating department has made progress in controlling gross profit margin. Both the first and second departments have been awarded awards. At the meeting, Shen Huming, Vice Chairman of the Group, presented awards and took a group photo for Lu Hailei, Director of Operations Department 1, and Lin Jing, Director of Operations Department 2. The Vice Chairman of the Group earnestly entrusts all operating departments of the Group to use this mobile red flag selection as a starting point, work hard to overcome difficulties, refine and implement refined store management, continuously improve operational management effectiveness and customer experience, and strive for greater results.

Director of Operations Department One, Lu Hailei, presented mobile red flags and prizes to the three award-winning Tramy Fresh Home stores, and took a group photo as a souvenir. The store representative who received the mobile red flag is deeply honored by this honor and expresses great gratitude for the recognition and encouragement of the group. In the future, the store will definitely make efforts to do better and strive to make this mobile red flag "permanent" in the store.

It is reported that the selection of mobile red flags started on April 1st this year, during which the group's inspection department conducted no less than two weekly flight inspections on more than 900 Tramy fresh home stores. The top three stores in the comprehensive evaluation were ultimately able to obtain mobile red flags, which was not easy to obtain. Next, Tramy Group will continue to carry out a mobile red flag evaluation activity for its stores, which will be selected quarterly. The mobile red flag will "flow" to the top three stores in the evaluation. By activating the mobile red flag selection and adding momentum, we aim to inspire all Tramy fresh food stores to form a good atmosphere of double comparison, double learning, double catching up, and double surpassing. We aim to promote the refined management of Tramy fresh food stores from a surprise action to a normalized, standardized, institutionalized, and action-oriented direction. We adhere to promoting consumption, benefiting people's livelihoods, and expanding domestic demand with higher quality products and services, and better meet people's needs for a better life.