Ni Junnan, Director of Shanghai Market Regulation Bureau, Investigates TramyPublish Time:2023-08-09 09:37

On the morning of June 30th, a delegation led by Ni Junnan, Director and Party Secretary of the Shanghai Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, conducted research on Tramy Group, accompanied by leaders such as Lv Xuecheng, Deputy District Mayor of Pudong New Area, and Shen Jianhua, Chairman of Tramy Group.

The picture shows Ni Junnan (first from the right in the front row), Director and Party Secretary of Shanghai Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, inspecting the Tramy Sand Table

Ni Junnan and his delegation successively visited the Tramy Group Inspection and Testing Center to observe the information monitoring of the entire industry chain and the display of "smart brain". They also held a discussion on Tramy quality management in the conference room of the administrative building, and gained a detailed understanding of Tramy Group's product quality management, channel expansion, and development prospects. They paid special attention to Tramy product traceability, prefabricated vegetable production, bean sprout production, and other situations.

Director Ni Junnan affirmed that Tramy Group's reliance on information technology to promote lean quality management in enterprises has made important contributions to increasing supply and stabilizing the market. He hoped that Tramy would further fulfill its main responsibility as an enterprise, increase the production and supply of high-quality fresh food, and contribute to a better life for the people.