Light up the morning love soybean milkPublish Time:2023-08-09 11:00

At 5:30 a.m. on June 20, the sky was bright and there was little traffic on the road. Tramy cold chain logistics vehicles arrived at Sanzao Nursing Home located in Xiayan Road as usual. The delivery staff got off the bus to unload, and delivered bags of Tramy soybean milk and Tramy flour products to the kitchen of the nursing home.

This "love soybean milk" is a prescribed action for Tramy to fulfill its social responsibility. Since 2003, Tramy has officially launched the "love soybean milk for the elderly" action, insisting on giving soybean milk to the elderly units, including the Social Welfare Institute of Yangpu District, the World Expo Home Nursing Home of Pudong New Area, Sanzao Nursing Home of Xuanqiao Town, etc.

At 6:00 in the morning, the old people of Sanzao Nursing Home sat down at the table on time. The staff put bags of warm delicious soybean milk and delicious noodles on the table. The old people tasted delicious food. The familiar taste made everyone give a thumbs up, and the quality of delicious products made everyone praise.

"Soybean milk is getting better and better, and steamed stuffed buns Mantou are becoming more forceful" - the old people praise the products one after another. This kindness, which has lasted for 20 years, has established a deep relationship between Tramy taste and the old people, and has realized that the quality of Tramy products has been iterative over time, and this constantly improving social responsibility has made the old people feel better and better.