The labor union holds a skills competition for warehouse sorting workersPublish Time:2023-08-09 11:15

On June 14, 2023, a skills competition for employees in the warehousing and sorting industry jointly organized by the Tramy Group Labor Union and Tramy Group Department Store opened on the first floor of Building 4, Phase 3 of Tramy Group, Xuanqiao Town. More than 100 employees from the warehousing and sorting industry signed up to participate in this competition, and 12 employees were selected by the department store for preliminary assessment to enter the finals. On site guidance was provided by leaders such as Zheng Weide, the full-time deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Tramy Group, Guo Xiang, the storage director of Tramy Department Store, and Wang Jiafei, the office director of Tramy Group.

This competition is a team competition consisting of three people, to exercise collective collaboration ability, cultivate a sense of collective honor, and score based on sorting speed and product placement. The competition sets up group first prize (1 person), second prize (1 person), third prize (1 person), and encouragement prize (1 person), and distributes bonuses and certificates to encourage industrial and technical talents to establish themselves in their respective positions, improve their quality and ability, stimulate everyone's work enthusiasm, encourage everyone to compare, learn, catch up, help, and surpass in their work, strive to improve personal operational skills and proficiency, and create a high-quality and highly skilled workforce.

The atmosphere at the event was lively, with contestants chasing each other and actively showcasing their accumulated theoretical knowledge and professional skills. After intense competition, the top three of the competition were ultimately selected. In this competition, the participating employees deeply felt the gap between them and the outstanding players. Through this exchange and competition, the operational skills of the participating employees can be better improved. This competition is a concentrated display of the comprehensive strength, skill level, and spiritual style of the sorting industry employees of Tramy Group, aiming to improve the technical skills of the entire company's employees, effectively drive and enhance the actual operational level of the sorting industry, Providing important intellectual support and talent guarantee for the sustainable and healthy development of Tramy warehousing and logistics, and laying a solid human foundation for ensuring supply and enterprise development.