Logistics company employee Zhou Junjie's road rescue vehicle on firePublish Time:2023-08-09 11:38

On the morning of June 29th at 4:25, Zhou Junjie, the delivery driver of Tramy  Logistics Xianda, drove on the outer ring as usual. At this moment, the sky was just blurry and the fish belly was white. The morning air was fresh. At 4:50, when the vehicle reached the intersection of Luoshan Road S20 on the Outer Ring Road, the scene in front of Zhou Junjie instantly made him nervous.

On the road, a large smoke curtain filled the front of the car, and visibility decreased to the lowest point. "There may be a fire," Zhou Junjie keenly realized. He greatly reduced his speed, allowing the cold chain car to slowly move forward in the smoke. Finally, he saw a truck driver waving back. It turned out that the rear wheel of the semi trailer he was driving was on fire, and the fire was large, making the vehicle unable to move. According to this situation, the fire would soon spread to the entire car, with unimaginable consequences.

Who can lend me a fire extinguisher and help us put out the fire together, "the truck driver anxiously called for help.

As a Tramy employee with a sense of social responsibility and long-term company safety training, Zhou Junjie cannot sit idly by. Based on his long-term experience in safe driving, he first turned on the double flashing, maintained a certain distance from the accident vehicle, and pulled over the cold chain vehicle to the emergency lane.

He picked up the fire extinguisher from his own vehicle and quickly trotted a few steps to the side of the accident car. He forcefully turned the extinguisher upside down and shook it to confirm that the dry powder inside the cylinder was loose. After removing the safety pin, he stood at the air vent about 5 meters above the burning tire, pressed down the pressure handle, and aimed it at the point where the fire was most intense to spray and extinguish the fire. In a short while, the fire eased and Zhou Junjie took the time to inquire with the driver of the accident vehicle, 'Has it been reported for rescue?' After receiving a positive response, he breathed a sigh of relief. Shortly after, rescue vehicles arrived at the scene, and professional rescue personnel urgently put out the fire, finally putting it out completely.

After Zhou Junjie drove back to the factory, he promptly reported the situation to the delivery team supervisor and vehicle management, and immediately replaced the vehicle with a new fire extinguisher. All employees of the logistics company are proud of Zhou Junjie's orderly firefighting action, and they all praise the positive energy of Tramy's active fulfillment of social responsibility.

Being brave and responsible is an important aspect of the excellent quality of Tramy employees. In the daily production and operation process, Tramy Logistics Company adheres to the bottom line of safety production, implements safety production in the "five to zero" daily assessment, and regularly conducts employee fire safety education and fire drills. It is required that every employee must do a good job in self fire safety management and proficiently use fire equipment.

Zhou Junjie joined Tramy Logistics Company at the end of October 2022. A young man in his twenties, he is youthful and responsible in his work. After completing his daily work, he also actively participates in the company's fire safety training and drills. It is because of long-term practical experience and theoretical accumulation that he can remain calm and orderly in the face of emergency fires. In the face of praise, his attitude is humble. "No one has a difficult time going out, and I have also received help from others outside. I have always participated in the company's fire training, how to call the police, how to protect myself, how to extinguish the fire, all of which are clearly remembered, and I will not be particularly panicked during operation," he said. It is precisely because of the responsibility and responsibility of employees that the vast number of Tramy logistics personnel have strengthened their confidence and determination in serving society and reflecting their responsibilities. Through the subdivision of fire protection, the craftsmanship spirit of Tramy personnel and the positive energy of the group have been widely disseminated.