Tramy won the gold medal at the China (Shanghai) International Invention and Innovation ExhibitionPublish Time:2023-09-28 02:24

Recently, the 6th China (Shanghai) International Invention and Innovation Exhibition, organized by the China Invention Association, was held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center. The theme of the conference is "Invention and Creation Leading the Future", with the aim of promoting international exchange and cooperation, showcasing invention and innovation achievements, and accelerating the transformation of innovation achievements. The conference actively integrates domestic and foreign technological forces to promote the development of technology trade. The research and demonstration application of key technologies for amino acid based natural preservatives to ensure the freshness and safety of vegetables by Tramy Group stood out among more than 1000 domestic and international exhibitions and won the gold medal.

In recent years, Tramy Group has been based on the enterprise itself, strengthening scientific research and tackling key problems by strengthening its "internal skills" and "internal forces", improving its "intelligent manufacturing capabilities", accelerating the construction of an efficient collaborative innovation system, integrating resource elements, promoting the accelerated transformation and implementation of scientific and technological achievements, and empowering the enterprise to develop with high quality.Tramy Group adheres to the development strategy of strengthening the enterprise with talents, continuously improves innovation mechanisms, enhances independent innovation capabilities, builds an integrated innovation platform for industry, academia, and research, focuses on cultivating an innovative talent team, stimulates talent innovation vitality, and continuously improves the overall quality of the employee team, resulting in the emergence of innovative achievements.