Vice Chairman of Pudong Federation of Trade Unions Wen Yingrui Visits the Company for ResearchPublish Time:2023-10-10 10:57

On the afternoon of August 23rd, a delegation led by Wen Yingrui, Deputy Secretary and Vice Chairman of the Party Group of the Pudong New Area Federation of Trade Unions, visited the company for research. Group President Fu Yaojuan and Vice President and Union Chairman Li Ming accompanied the research.

Wen Yingrui (second from left), Vice Chairman of the Pudong New Area Federation of Trade Unions, inspected the Tramy Cultural Exhibition Hall

Vice Chairman Wen Yingrui and his delegation visited the group's smart screen, corporate culture exhibition hall, employee home, and other venues. In the group conference room, President Fu Yaojuan introduced the development process, scientific research innovation, and corporate culture construction of the group. Li Ming reported to Chairman Wen Yingrui on the development and construction of the Tramy Labor Union. Since its establishment in 2011, the Tramy Labor Union has always adhered to scientific management, further united and united the workforce, improved democratic management systems such as employee representative conferences and information disclosure, guaranteed the legitimate rights and interests of employees, truly cared for and cared for employees, and sought ways to improve their technical level and comprehensive quality, Increase employees' awareness of social responsibility and responsibility, and strive to make them grow and progress together with the company.

Vice Chairman Wen Yingrui gave high recognition to Tramy Group after listening to the report. He stated that the Tramy Group is thriving, and the Tramy Union is a union that conveys culture. The four major functions of the trade union, including construction, participation, education, and maintenance, are well done by the Tramy Trade Union. The promotion of artisans, educational unions, talent unions, and innovative learning unions by the Tramy Labor Union is a highlight of innovation and deserves recognition. Vice Chairman Wen Yingrui suggested that all the staff of Ching Mei Group should join the trade union, implement full coverage, adhere to the development of three natures, political, progressiveness and mass, and take multiple measures to better exert the strength of workers and contribute to a better life for the people.