Tramy Group and Pukai Group signed a strategic cooperation agreementPublish Time:2023-10-10 11:26

On the afternoon of August 31st, Tramy Group and Pukai Group reached a strategic cooperation intention, and in the future, they will start from their respective fields and carry out cross-border cooperation around their common identity as "urban comprehensive service providers".

Yan Jionghao (second from left), Chairman of Pukai Group, and Shen Jianhua, Chairman of Tramy, took a group photo on site

Yan Jionghao, Chairman of Pukai Group, Yang Xiaodong, General Manager, Shen Jianhua, Chairman of Tramy Group, Liu Wanlong, Vice President of the Group, and other leaders attended the signing ceremony. At the signing ceremony, both parties reported on the progress of cooperation. Yan Jionghao, Chairman of Pukai Group, and Shen Jianhua, Chairman of Tramy Group, had high hopes for the future development of cooperation and expressed firm confidence in promoting high-quality cooperation.

As a "new national brand" in the development industry, Shanghai Pudong Development (Group) Co., Ltd. shares the same breath and destiny with Pudong Development. As the main force of functional development enterprises under the jurisdiction of the district, it always adheres to development as the first priority. During its nearly thirty years of deep cultivation in Pudong, it has grown into a comprehensive urban development and operation service provider based on high-quality land resources.

The strong collaboration between Pukai and Tramy has an extremely broad cooperation space in the field of urban comprehensive services. They are both high-quality platforms and high-quality content providers, and the cooperation prospects are quite promising. In the future, Pukai and Tramy Group will fully utilize the resources of both sides, grasp the mission of the main force of regional development, improve their ability to serve the development and opening up of Pudong, and strive tirelessly to build a leading area for socialist modernization construction!