Tramy Party Committee Holds a Symposium for Ethnic Minority EmployeesPublish Time:2023-10-10 11:42

On the afternoon of August 14, 2023, the Tramy Party Committee organized a symposium for ethnic minority employees with the theme of "Ethnic Family, Shared Prosperity and Win the Future". Representatives of relevant departments of the group and ethnic minority employees participated in this meeting.

Tramy currently has over 180 ethnic minority employees, mainly working in frontline positions, and is a vital force in Tramy's production and an important bearer of quality assurance. In order to enable ethnic minority employees to understand the close connection between the development of enterprises and personal progress, and to work diligently, compete for positions, and strive to become qualified talents in the enterprise, the group party committee has held this symposium.

At the beginning of the meeting, Zhang Li, the procurement and sales manager of Tramy Supply Chain, who is in charge of propaganda by the Party Committee, gave an enthusiastic speech: to deepen mutual understanding among colleagues, promote communication and unity between work, and jointly contribute to the development and personal progress of Tramy. Some minority employees who participated in the meeting shared their experiences of growing together with the company, as well as their personal development journey.

Zhao Yunxia, the president of the Ethnic Minorities Association in Xuanqiao Town, a Tujia girl, and currently the fruit procurement director of the Tramy supply chain, led the speech. Time flies, time flies like a shuttle. In the blink of an eye, she transformed from a shy girl into a powerful manager. She introduced that she joined Tramy Group in July 2003 and has been working at Tramy for twenty years. When I first joined the company, Tramy was still in the factory in Yangpu District. Her first job was answering phone orders in the order center, and she was very busy every day and lacked training. At that time, we already had a delivery fleet, sales team, and several major factories, which were beginning to take shape. That year, the company encountered many types of customers such as universities and supermarkets, and its business development was relatively rapid. In my spare time, I ponder every day how to improve my work, establish sound systems, and improve work efficiency. By the time the company moved from Yangpu to Xuanqiao Town Industrial Park during the Spring Festival in 2006, she had been responsible for order work at the customer service center for over three years. Although the working environment and accommodation conditions were average back then, they eventually managed to make it through.

Zhao Yunxia, President of the Ethnic Minorities Association in Xuanqiao Town, a Tujia girl, and currently the Director of Fruit Procurement in the Tramy Supply Chain, delivered a speech

By 2009, the company had transferred her to the General Manager's Office. Mainly responsible for coordinating information office automation, telecommunications business, statistics, and foreign affairs. At that time, it involved a lot of business and had a lot of communication with various departments of the company, because the things we were exposed to were different, and the work scope involved was also quite broad. In order to enrich myself, I worked hard to learn some interesting things in those years, including computer language, painting, calligraphy, and accounting courses. There is an old saying that goes, 'Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared'. In practical work, you will find that everything you have learned will not be learned in vain, and there may be opportunities to use it, at least it will be helpful for your work.

After so many years of development, the company has gradually grown from a factory oriented enterprise specializing in soybean products to a multi-disciplinary and diversified group through continuous transformation and upgrading. One of the important transformation opportunities is to open Tramy's own supermarkets and stores, and create its own operational sales channels. From then on, due to work, she came into contact with the business of operating. Then transfer her directly to the operations department. At that time, we opened many stores. I remember the first time we went to discuss cooperation with farmers and businesses to open a store, and then we opened our own store. From the first and second stores, to our Tramy Xianjia membership store, there are currently 900 stores, and we have been developing in this mode until now. In the development process of the company, keeping up with the pace of progress and constantly growing is actually a process of self transformation and transformation. Learning some front-end business in the operations department provides a foundation for future work in the procurement department.

When it comes to growth experiences, there are many people like her in our company who have been in the same company for over ten to twenty years, and even those who are older and have stayed longer than her. So why are so many people here until now? It must be partly due to the recognition of the company's culture, and partly due to the company's cultivation of us and other factors that have contributed to it. Perhaps the older generation used to work for a lifetime, but it seems quite difficult for young people to stay in the same place for ten or twenty years now. In fact, many things have gradually grown in line with the company's culture. The company's recognition of you, and then your recognition of the company's corporate culture, can only be sustained through mutual recognition. Everyone has different ideas about their career planning and development vision, but the most important thing is to see how it fits the development of the enterprise.

Speech by Qu Hua, a Zhuang girl and statistician of the auxiliary material warehouse

Qu Hua is a Zhuang girl who joined Tramy Group in 2021 and is currently a statistician in the auxiliary material warehouse. She said: Although I am usually busy with work, I feel very happy to work in Tramy, a united and friendly collective, and feel the care and importance that the company leaders place on our ethnic minority employees. As the saying goes, 'In times of adversity, we see true love.' Looking back, what impressed her deeply was during the period of fighting the epidemic, when she had to wear masks and gloves every day to work, which was quite inconvenient for both work and life. Everyone is mentally tense, and the work atmosphere seems very tense. However, leaders often bring supplies to visit employees and do not forget to remind us to take personal protective measures to ensure physical health.

She said that under the leadership of the leadership, all work is also being carried out in an orderly manner. In this big family, we live and work together, study together, and gather together for different dreams. Like a song, 56 ethnic groups, 56 flowers, 56 brothers and sisters are a family. I believe that national unity is not just a slogan, it should also be the warmth and kindness gathered by real stories around us, one after another with flesh and blood. Since joining Tramy, she has found that Tramy Group is not only a serious and responsible enterprise with quality and quantity guaranteed, but also a responsible, responsible, and warm enterprise under the leadership of the Party and the state. She said: She feels very proud and proud to be able to work at Tramy. I hope Tramy will take the future to a higher level, and let's work together to welcome a better tomorrow.

Li Xinhai, a Lisu employee, gave a speech

Li Xinhai is a young man from Dulong and Nu Autonomous County in Gongshan, Nujiang. He is from the Lisu ethnic group and joined Tramy Group in 2022. He is currently a general worker in the production workshop. Last year, with the help of the government, he arrived in Shanghai and started his work at Tramy Group. At first, I felt like I was working at a fast pace, very busy, and under a lot of pressure. I felt a bit overwhelmed. Fortunately, with the help of old employees, I taught the operation of the position hand in hand. With the care and assistance of company leaders and colleagues, he quickly mastered relatively low difficulty processes such as packaging, decomposition, and transportation. After continuous learning and exploration, he not only mastered the existing operating procedures, but also proficiently operated the job processes of other colleagues.

He exclaimed that during nearly a year of study and work at Tramy Group, he has gained a lot of inspiration, especially in his daily life, which has changed many personal bad habits. For example, in my hometown, I usually wake up at 10 am and go to bed at 1 or 2 pm. Smoking and drinking in my hometown are inseparable. After coming to work in Tramy, the rules and regulations constrained him, and the lifestyle of his colleagues around him affected him. Now he has completely quit smoking and reduced drinking. This is his most obvious self change since arriving in Shanghai. Now I have basically gone to bed and woke up early, adjusted my pace of life according to the schedule, continuously optimized myself in new difficulties, and never forgot the original intention when I left the mountains. I work hard and study hard to win glory and glory for my hometown elders. We believe that his future will be very beautiful!

At the meeting, the Party Committee stated that it will continue to pay attention to and support the development and growth of ethnic minority employees in the company, and continue to implement one-on-one assistance for them. Communicating in life, caring in work, and paying attention to learning, we aim to cultivate ethnic minority employees into qualified employees in the enterprise, and strive to expose them to and participate in management, injecting new vitality into the development of the enterprise. I believe that with the joint efforts of all employees, our Tramy will usher in a better future!