Sending the Opera to the CountrysidePublish Time:2023-11-13 11:53

In order to further enrich the spiritual life of villagers and promote the transformation of customs, on September 26th, the Tramy Group Party Committee, in collaboration with the Shanghai Elderly Foundation Pudong New Area Branch and the Yaolu Village Party Branch, jointly organized the "Sending Opera to the Countryside" activity - the comprehensive opera rap and singing venue "Welcoming the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day" at the Tramy Classroom in Yaolu Village, Xuanqiao Town, Pudong New Area.

This performance event invited Shanghai Xu Shili Comedy Art Troupe to perform traditional performances such as classic Shanghai Opera, Yue Opera, Pingtan, monologue, and rap for the villagers of Yaolu Village, winning applause from the audience, with cheers rising and falling.

The content of the program is closely related to the promotion of civilized new trends and the elimination of bad habits. The performance form is lively and innovative, and the actors' lines are popular and down-to-earth. This enables the people to consciously break bad habits and cultivate a civilized new trend in a life and entertainment that is popular and easy to remember and practice.

In addition, Tramy Group also carries out regular and thematic publicity such as changing customs and preventing fraud through various forms such as placing promotional slogans, banners, posters, and flip flops at Tramy School. At the event site, safety and law-abiding and anti fraud propaganda manuals were distributed, and interactive activities such as anti fraud knowledge Q&A were conducted to guide the masses to break away from feudal superstitions, abandon outdated customs, advocate scientific culture, and promote the concept of changing customs and traditions to deeply rooted in people's hearts.