Send fresh vegetables to the military campPublish Time:2023-11-13 11:58

In order to vigorously promote the excellent tradition of supporting the army and families, supporting the government and loving the people, and further promote the socialization and support of the army in Nicheng, the Nicheng Dual Support Work Leading Group held the unveiling ceremony of the "Nicheng Dual Support Vegetable Garden" at the Nicheng Tramy Vegetable Planting Base on September 26. Leaders such as Mao Jianyong, Minister of Nicheng's Armed Forces, Tang Jue, Deputy Town Mayor, Zheng Weide, full-time Secretary of the Tramy Group Party Committee, and Zhang Zhengwei, a certain battle support unit, attended the ceremony.

Zheng Weide, the full-time deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Tramy Group, stated that the stationed troops shoulder the mission of safeguarding the country. Local enterprises should fully support national defense construction work by sending fresh vegetables picked from the base to the military camp, ensuring the nutritional supply of soldiers, making soldiers feel the care and support of the government and enterprises, and increasing their sense of mission and responsibility to devote themselves to national defense.

The Nicheng Double Support Work Leading Group, relying on the "Strong National Defense and True Support for the Army" project under the "Rongrong Xiaoyan'an" Double Support brand, has reached an agreement with the Nicheng Tramy Vegetable Planting Base to jointly create a double support vegetable garden, deliver organic vegetables to the military camp, and make the double support vegetable garden a green and healthy basket for military personnel. After the unveiling ceremony, a special "vegetable" through car filled with fresh vegetables departed from the Tramy vegetable planting base and headed for the War Support Force. This is an exclusive "through train" and also a "friend" of the Tramy Vegetable Base and the War Support Forces. It regularly delivers high-quality vegetables from the Shuangyong Vegetable Garden to the troops, ensuring that the military provides healthier and higher quality vegetables, while also feeling the care and warmth from Nicheng and Minsheng Enterprises.