The group union held a selection activity for the most beautiful employeesPublish Time:2023-11-13 12:46

The 2023 Shanghai Tramy Green Food (Group) Co., Ltd. "Most Beautiful Employees, Touching Stories" employee selection and award ceremony jointly organized by the Xuanqiao Town Federation of Trade Unions and the Tramy Group of Trade Unions was held in the conference room on the 16th floor of the administrative building of the group. Multiple department heads of the group attended the meeting, including Fang Xiwang, Vice Chairman of the Xuanqiao Town Federation of Trade Unions, and Fang Xiwang, Vice President and Production Center Director of Tramy Group Vice Chairman of the Labor Union, Li Ming, attended and presented the award to the group's most beautiful employees.

This activity aims to find, discover, and showcase the characters and stories around Tramy employees, and introduce a group of outstanding Tramy employees who work hard, honestly, have noble character, and have made extraordinary achievements in ordinary work. The selection scope covers all departments of the group's in-service employees. Through extensive promotion, recommendation and initial evaluation, 20 Tramy employees were ultimately selected as the most beautiful employees of Tramy Group.

Huang Yong, the director of the Pu Bao Gan workshop in the first factory, Zhao Guangying, the leader of the Tian Xin cooked food workshop, Zhu Fulin, the senior manager of the equipment department, Zhou Junjie, the driver of the warehousing and logistics center, and Zhang Li, the procurement manager of the supply chain department store, all spoke on site as outstanding employee representatives. They expressed their opinions on Tramy's work experience, learning insights, team friendship, and gratitude to the group, and inspired everyone to continue their efforts with their practical experiences, Take work and study to the next level.

At the meeting, Fang Xiwang, Vice Chairman of the Xuanqiao Town Federation of Trade Unions, made on-site comments. He stated that in the great era, Tramy has grown in the reform and opening up. With the joint efforts of all employees of the group, Tramy Group has achieved leapfrog development for many consecutive years. During the critical period when Tramy is starting again, this selection and commendation has gathered the spirit and spirit of employees to work and start businesses, which is very meaningful. I suggest that all award-winning Tramy employees continue to work hard, take practical actions to guide and demonstrate their colleagues, promote the spirit of labor, creativity, and craftsmanship, and work together to make greater contributions to the development of the group.

Li Ming, Vice President of Tramy Group, Director of Production Center, and Vice Chairman of the Labor Union, made on-site comments on the work performance of the award-winning employees, pointed out their strengths and weaknesses, proposed adjustment suggestions, and encouraged everyone to continue working hard and work hard to create greater glory with the group, contribute to the people's livelihood of the city, and make greater contributions to their own efforts.