Tramy was awarded the plaque of Pudong Food Security Promotion and Education BasePublish Time:2023-12-26 10:33

On October 17th, 2023, the theme promotion activities of World Food Day and National Food Security Awareness Week were held in Huamu Street. Tramy Group actively participated and was awarded the plaque by the Pudong New Area Food Security Awareness and Education Base.

Jia Nan, Supply Chain Procurement and Sales Director of Tramy Group,

 presented the plaque on site

Since the beginning of this year, Pudong New Area has been benchmarking against the assessment requirements of Shanghai's food security responsibility system, continuously consolidating the foundation of food security, and shouldering the responsibility of ensuring food security.

"Food is the top priority of a country; with food in hand, there is no panic in the heart. Protecting arable land, guarding the red line; valuing agriculture and production, and having a full warehouse of grain. Reasonable diet, comprehensive nutrition; loving and saving food, and promoting the trend of CDs. Everyone is responsible and every family is exemplary; the world has a 'food' heart, happiness and health. Pudong also took the lead in releasing the '64 word Food Safety Convention', contributing to promoting high-quality development and achieving a high-quality life.".

Shen Hongran (front row center), Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Shanghai Grain and Material Reserve Bureau, inspected the Tramy booth

As an important participant in the New Area Vegetable Basket and Rice Bag Project, Tramy Group's election as the Pudong New Area Food Security Propaganda and Education Base is not only an honor but also a motivation. Jia Nan, Supply Chain Procurement and Sales Director of Tramy Group, stated that Tramy Group has been vigorously implementing food security control measures. One is to strengthen the control of imported food security. We have established a sound system for managing imported grain and strictly manage the safety of imported grain. The second is to coordinate the implementation of the Anti Food Waste Law: implementing lean management in the processing and distribution processes, and collaborating with upstream and downstream supply chains to implement the Anti Food Waste Law. The third is to promote popular science knowledge on food security.

Tramy has established a Shanghai Food and Drug Science Popularization Station, which is open to the public for a long time and carries out food safety education and popularization work. In the future, Tramy Group will also take it as its responsibility to continuously meet the needs of the people for a better life, continuously strengthen food security control, and provide more "safe, delicious, and affordable" high-quality products for the general public.