Tramy Labor Union was awarded the title of Shanghai Model Worker's HomePublish Time:2023-12-26 10:46

Recently, the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions announced the results of the selection of Shanghai Model Workers Home, and Tramy Group's Trade Union Committee was listed. The Trade Union Committee of Tramy Group has made efforts to promote the construction of employee homes from six aspects and has received unanimous praise from all aspects.

Comprehensively build a "learning home". The Tramy Trade Union insists on arming its staff with the innovative theory of the Party, and deeply promotes the construction of the ideological front of the staff. Through the special study of "the Twentieth National Congress of the Party", "the Eighteenth National Congress of the Chinese Trade Union", and "China Dream • Labor Beauty", it has joined hands with Shanghai Open University to open specialist classes and undergraduate classes in Tramy, taking multiple measures to further enhance the political, progressiveness and mass nature of the majority of cadres and workers, and stimulate the vitality of grassroots trade unions.

Comprehensively build a "standardized home". Strictly follow the process to do a good job in the transition work and the development of union members, strictly regulate the income and expenditure of funds, hold regular employee representative meetings, sign "Special Collective Contracts for Wages", etc. The union's system is sound, the payment and use of union funds are reasonable, and all aspects of union work are always on the right track.

Comprehensively build a "home of improvement". The Tramy Labor Union focuses on the tasks of the group's production and operation center, conducts labor competitions at multiple levels and in all aspects, establishes an innovative labor union, and provides rational suggestions, innovative technologies, innovative projects, and various inventions. The company's team has been awarded the title of Master Studio multiple times, and Tramy employees have been awarded the title of Pudong Craftsman.

We are making every effort to build a "cultural home", led by the Tramy Labor Union. The group has invested a large amount of funds to purchase cultural and sports equipment, actively carrying out employee reading activities, festival celebrations, etc., and continuously enriching the spiritual and cultural life of the employees.

Create a "warm home" with precision. In conjunction with the "I do practical things for employees" activity, we actively carry out the activities of "sending coolness in summer, assisting education in autumn, and sending warmth in winter", so that the majority of employees can fully experience the warmth from their "mother and family". Continuously building a "model worker home" that is trusted by employees and recognized by society, to support the high-quality development of the group.