Tramy launches a condolence activity for the elderlyPublish Time:2023-12-27 09:09

On October 20th, on the occasion of the traditional festival "Double Ninth Festival", Tramy Group actively carried out a caring and comforting activity for the elderly, sending comfort products and holiday greetings to the elderly around the community, allowing them to deeply feel the care and care from Tramy.

At the Sanzao Elderly Care Home, Zheng Weide (first from the left), the full-time deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Tramy Group,Deputy Director of the Group Office, Wu Yichan (first from the right), chatted with the elderly at home

Sound greetings express heartfelt care and warm hearts. On the morning of October 20th, Zheng Weide, the full-time deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Tramy Group, and Wu Yichan, the deputy director of the Group Office, arrived at the Sanzao Elderly Care Home to deliver Tramy's special fresh food gift packages to the elderly. They chatted with the elderly and sang a song of "good motherland", representing the company, expressing sincere blessings to the elderly. In the Mingxiangyuan community, Secretary Zheng inquired in detail about the living conditions of the elderly in the community, and reminded the channel departments of the group to ensure the supply of community food, especially to provide convenience for the purchase of daily necessities for the elderly in the community, so that they can eat with peace of mind and comfort. At the Guangming Village Committee, Secretary Zheng and his team delivered a plethora of clean and beautiful supplies to the elderly. Faced with the camera, everyone praised the "beautiful community, respect and love for the elderly" and wished the elderly a comfortable and happy old age.

Zheng Weide, the full-time deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Tramy Group, stated that the Double Ninth Festival is a traditional Chinese festival and an important day for respecting and respecting the elderly. We should allow the tradition of respecting and loving the elderly to be inherited and promoted in our daily lives. In the future, Tramy will actively expand channels on the basis of existing elderly care services, care for the elderly through various forms, transmit positive social energy, and reflect Tramy's social responsibility as a food enterprise for people's livelihood.