Tramy Business School is listed as the "Pudong Employee Training Center"Publish Time:2024-01-03 01:25

Recently, Tramy Business School was officially designated as the "Pudong New Area Employee Training Center". The Pudong New Area Employee Training Center focuses on serving all employees in the area, with a focus on the six core industry clusters of "Chinese chip", "innovative medicine", "intelligent manufacturing", "blue sky dream", "future car", and "data port", and pays attention to the advanced manufacturing industry, modern service industry, and strategic emerging industry employee groups in Pudong.

The awarding of the practical training center is a recognition of the strength of Tramy Group and also an affirmation of Tramy's talent training system. To achieve this goal,Tramy will use the practical training center as a transformation platform, establish a professional skills course system, improve the enterprise talent pool, and contribute more Tramy knowledge to the urban livelihood cause.