Tramy Group Selected as a National Green FactoryPublish Time:2024-01-03 02:02

On November 8th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China announced the list of green factories, and Tramy Group was included in the list of green factories. Green factories refer to factories that have achieved land intensification, harmless raw materials, clean production, waste resource utilization, and low-carbon energy. It is the production unit of the manufacturing industry, the implementation subject of green manufacturing, the core supporting unit of the green manufacturing system, and also the main form of future enterprise development.

"Green factory" is the most authoritative recognition given by the country to enterprises that meet the requirements of "green development". The declared enterprise not only needs to comply with the national standard requirements of the General Principles for Green Factory Evaluation (GB/T36132-2018) in multiple dimensions such as factory infrastructure, management system, energy and resource investment, environmental emissions, and performance investment, but also needs to invite third-party authoritative evaluation institutions to conduct relevant evaluations of its green manufacturing system. The evaluation results will be submitted to the provincial, municipal, and national industrial and information technology authorities for hierarchical approval and verification. After expert evaluation and approval, a national level "green factory" was ultimately selected.

This selection as a national level "green factory" not only signifies a high recognition ofTramy Group's long-term commitment to green development from all walks of life, but also opens up a "fast lane" of green, efficient, and sustainable development for Tramy. Tramy will take this as an opportunity to continue to uphold its sacred mission of serving the people's better lives, and make unremitting efforts to further achieve high-quality development.