Tramy was awarded a license by GOIPublish Time:2024-01-03 02:22

On November 1st, 2023, the Pudong Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference was held, and Pudong New Area was awarded the second batch of "Open Innovation Centers for Large Enterprises (GOIs)" in 2023. Vice Chairman Shen Huming, on behalf of Tramy Group, took the stage to award the bronze medal.

The Open Innovation Center for Large Enterprises (GOI) plan is a powerful mechanism launched by Pudong New Area to actively respond to the requirements of the leading area's opinions on "strengthening the innovation engine and building a new highland of independent innovation". It is a collaboration between large enterprises and innovative enterprises for common growth. Pudong deepens the promotion of GOI, fully leverages the advantages of leading technology enterprises gathering, encourages large enterprises to participate in Pudong's entrepreneurship incubation, and links and drives the growth and development of small and medium-sized technology innovation enterprises, Create an innovative tropical rainforest that integrates government, industry, academia, research, and financial services.

In its 25 years of high-quality development,Tramy Group has always regarded innovation as an important engine for corporate growth. This time,Tramy has been awarded by the Open Innovation Center for Large Enterprises (GOI), which fully reflects the recognition of Tramy's innovation ability and achievements from all sectors of society. Tramy will continue to provide more value and possibilities for the food industry with high standards and high-level innovation output, carry out "commercial empowerment", "ecological empowerment", "technological empowerment" for the industry, unite more high-quality enterprises in the industry, help the food industry achieve higher quality development, and empower a better life in the city.