Tramy Village Store - Wangqiao Village Store in Xinchang Town OpenedPublish Time:2024-01-10 07:46

Taking the creation of a district level rural revitalization demonstration village as an opportunity, Wangqiao Village in Xinchang Town has created a "15 minute community life circle". Tramy Group actively participates and opens the "Tramy " Wangqiao Village store in Xinchang Town. This "Tramy" is located within the village committee of Wangqiao Village. Although it is not large in size, it has a wide variety of meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, grains and oils, daily necessities, and more. According to the preferential policies of Tramy discount stores, Tramy Company's self-produced products, semi-finished vegetables, and meat products are sold at a 30% discount in the supermarket, and two or three items are sold at special prices every month. Truly delivering safe, delicious, and affordable goods to the doorstep of villagers.