Long term commitment to caring for the elderlyPublish Time:2024-01-10 07:49

In November 2023, Aunt Sui and her family from Jinju Community in Changning District presented a banner to all employees of Tramy Xianjia Quankou Road Second Branch, thanking them for their enthusiastic dedication and responsible service to the elderly.

Ni Huamao, a member of the Party branch of Tramyi Fresh Food (Shanghai) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. and the manager of Tramy Fresh's Quankou Road Second Store, delivered goods to Aunt Sui

After the Spring Festival in 2023, Aunt Sui made a request to the Quankou Road Second Store, asking if it was possible to deliver the goods to her doorstep due to her partner being sick and unable to move at home. As she was already old, it was inconvenient to pick up the goods. Aunt Sui's building is facing Quankou Road Second Store, 300 meters one-way. There is no elevator inside the building, and every delivery not only requires crossing the road, but also carrying the goods up to the sixth floor.

Ni Huamao, a member of the Party branch of Tramy Fresh Food (Shanghai) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. and the manager of Tramy Fresh's Quankou Road store, understood the elderly's hard work and decisively agreed. Soybean milk and fresh milk have a short shelf life. Aunt Sui comes to the store every two days, and Ni Huamao delivers them for 10 months. Whether it was carrying fruit bags upstairs or bringing drinking water into the door, Manager Ni never complained. "At first, I didn't have much hope, I just tried to ask, but I didn't expect Manager Ni to be so enthusiastic in helping us," said Aunt Sui. "This store has a wide variety of items and excellent service." On the morning of November 17th, at the entrance of Quankou Road Second Store, elderly people who came to shop gave likes to Ni Huamao's team.

There are multiple residential communities around Tramy Xianjia Quankou Road Second Store, and the competition in the fresh food market is fierce. There are two reasons for standing here: firstly, relying on the strength of Tramy products; The second is to provide high-quality services. Ni Huamao stated that at the beginning, he did not deliberately pursue any special competitive advantage, but only hoped to help more elderly people and gradually establish a deep friendship with everyone.

The strength of grassroots party members in Tramy is combined with a wide range of channels and stores in Tramy. With a consistent industrial consciousness of contributing to people's livelihoods, we use more distribution points to do every small and practical thing well for more people.