The group held a 9.11 fire drillPublish Time:2024-01-10 07:55

National Fire Day is November 9th every year. In the phone number, "119" is the fire alarm number, which is the same as November 9th and easily accepted by people. Therefore, since 1992, this day has been designated as National Fire Day. The hazards brought by fires are understood by everyone, but they are often overlooked, paralyzed, and replaced by a mentality of luck in daily work. It is often necessary to wait until an accident has indeed occurred and caused losses before turning around to be vigilant. This is because the prevention of fires was not given top priority. "Hidden danger is more dangerous than open fire, prevention is better than disaster relief, and responsibility is more important than Mount Tai" is the theme of fire safety management.

With the arrival of Fire Safety Day in 2023, in order to effectively strengthen the practical operation of frontline colleagues in mastering fire extinguishing skills and emergency evacuation methods, and improve their ability to respond to fire accidents, the Ministry of Environmental Health and Safety held a fire drill activity. Compared to daily fire safety knowledge training, it can only improve everyone's fire safety awareness and self-protection ability. As the saying goes, "It's better to go through it with your hands than with your eyes.". Fire drill activities can make people face the fire situation directly, generate a sense of urgency to extinguish the fire, thereby improving the ability of friends to respond to emergencies correctly and quickly, and making everyone pay more attention to fire safety issues in daily life. Water and fire are merciless. We must persistently learn fire safety knowledge, let fire awareness accompany each and every one of us, and prevent tragedies from happening again.