Tianxin holds a promotion meeting for pre made dishes and new productsPublish Time:2024-01-30 10:37

On the noon of December 27th, the first product promotion meeting between Tianxin Company and various operational departments was successfully held in the conference room on the 9th floor of the group headquarters. At the meeting, the production manager of Tianxin Company gave a detailed introduction to the displayed products. The dazzling array of products on the exhibition stand was highly praised by various operational departments. In a warm and harmonious atmosphere, even though we reached an intention to order multiple products worth nearly 500000 yuan at the meeting. At the same time, for some products, the operation managers who participated in the promotion meeting also gave insightful opinions. The factory manager recorded the valuable opinions and stated that they will do a good job in related services and supporting work to help the healthy development of the store.

This promotion event mainly focused on showcasing the recent new products and Spring Festival products of Tianxin Company. By showcasing,explaining,and trying out products,various operations managers can have a clearer understanding of product characteristics,consumption scenarios,and assist in promoting sales in the store. At the same time,through in-depth communication between production and sales,factories can also gain a deeper understanding of store sales needs.This promotion event is a two-way trip,and we will continue to focus on the present,look to the future keep up with the strategic pace of the group company, and create new brilliance!