Tramy Party Committee Holds a Study Symposium on the "Five Identities"Publish Time:2024-01-30 10:47

On the afternoon of December 12, 2023, the Party Committee of Shanghai Tramy Green Food (Group) Co., Ltd. held a learning symposium on the "Five Identities". Shen Huming, Vice Chairman of the company and member of the District Political Consultative Conference, attended the symposium.

At the meeting, Shen Huming shared his learning experience. The more than 20 employees present today come from different regions across the country and have different lifestyles. However, they all identify with the company in terms of culture, emotions, values, and management systems. Now the company will once again enter a period of rapid development, requiring more employees and management personnel to be enriched. It needs to go out of Shanghai and develop in the hometowns of everyone present.

Tramy Group has approximately 4000 employees, including 170 employees from 16 ethnic minorities, with a roughly equal gender ratio. The number of Yi employees is 55, accounting for the largest proportion; Next are the Tujia, Hani, and Miao ethnic groups, with 37, 20, and 18 people respectively. Among ethnic minority employees, there are currently 2 directors and 3 workshop directors and managers.

At the symposium, Hu Bo, the HR manager of Tianzhi Company, gave a detailed introduction to Tianzhi Company's approach of providing one-on-one assistance to ethnic minority employees in their daily lives and technical learning. In 2024, it is stated that efforts will be made to increase training on management knowledge for ethnic minority employees, in order to prepare talent reserves for the company's development.

Li Xinhai, a young man from the Lisu ethnic group in Bingzhong, Gongshan County, shared his experience over the past year. He said that there has been great progress this year, but he feels that his knowledge reserves are not enough. The next step will be to increase the intensity of computer training and cultural knowledge training, self pressure, to adapt to the new challenges brought by one's own development.

At the end of the meeting, Zhang Li, the person in charge of publicity of the company's Party Committee, summarized that in the past 2023, the company has enhanced the sense of belonging of ethnic minority employees by organizing a series of activities such as "Tramy is a Family, Unity and Prosperity"; By caring about the lives of ethnic minority compatriots, we aim to enhance the happiness of our employees; By setting a typical example in management, one can gain a sense of achievement; Through personal development, I have enhanced my sense of identification with the company.

In 2024, more activities will be carried out to enrich the lives of employees. Especially in terms of cultural learning, technology, and management, the company will provide more opportunities and resources to help employees continuously improve themselves and grow together with the enterprise.

This symposium also demonstrated the attitude of Shanghai Tramy Green Food (Group) Co., Ltd. towards caring and caring for its employees, and set development goals and confidence for all employees. The company's party committee stated that it will continue to promote the construction of corporate culture, create a better working atmosphere, and provide a broader stage and opportunities for the career development of employees. I believe that with the joint efforts of all employees, the enterprise will surely usher in a more brilliant tomorrow.