The group trade union held a work summary meeting for 2023 and a work deployment meeting for 2024Publish Time:2024-01-30 11:36

Yan Mingrong, a fourth level researcher in Xuanqiao Town, Fang Xiwang, Vice Chairman of Xuanqiao Town Federation of Trade Unions, Li Ming, Vice President and Trade Union Chairman of Tramy Group, Wang Zeke, General Manager of Tramy Food Factory, Wang Weijun, General Manager of Tramy Tianxin, and Du Long, General Manager of Tramy Tianzhi attended the meeting.


Li Ming, Vice President of Tramy Group and Chairman of the Labor Union, represented Tramy Labor Union to report on their work to the conference. In 2023, under the care and guidance of the superior labor union and with the help of the group party committee, the Tramy Labor Union closely focused on the group's strategic goals, fully utilized the wisdom of the majority of employees, and at the same time, with the basic purpose of serving employees, continued to strengthen ideological and political guidance, improve organizational construction, innovate labor union construction, and open up a new situation in the work of labor unions in livelihood food enterprises.

We will comprehensively carry out a series of activities to learn, promote, and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. We will also carry out the Spring 2023 Rural Health Hiking and the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China spirit propaganda and education. We will mobilize the grassroots level of the group to carry out special studies on the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and disseminate advanced theories of the Party in various forms to immerse employees in their minds and hearts. Seriously study and implement the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Federation of Trade Unions and the 15th National Congress of the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions, convey the spirit of the meeting to the board of directors of the group, use the internal magazine "Tramy Group People" to spread the learning experience of the spirit, comprehensively implement the decisions and deployments of the meeting within the enterprise, and find the right direction of work.

The Tramy Labor Union vigorously promotes the spirit of labor, model workers, and craftsmen, extensively excavates advanced skills at the grassroots level, selects Tramy craftsmen as models, and Dulong Studio has been awarded the title of Shanghai Worker Pioneer; The agricultural technology team was awarded the Pioneer of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Team; Weimingyuan was awarded the title of Pudong Craftsman; Yan Hairui and Bao Jingang were selected as Class B key industry talents in the new area in 2023; The selection of "Mother Family" as a good cadre of the Tramy Labor Union and the 2023 Most Beautiful Employee is in full swing, with a total of 50 outstanding employees receiving honors. Work safety has been further improved. Yan Yanpin and Jiang Chao were rated as the exemplary individual of security in Pudong New Area in 2023, and the group as the advanced collective of safety and fire fighting in Pudong New Area in 2023.

Continuing to strengthen the construction of learning enterprises, Tramy Learning Organization's creation of short videos has been awarded the Top 10 Creative Short Videos by the Shanghai Learning Society Construction and Lifelong Education Promotion Committee Office; Tramy Business School has been awarded the Employee Training Center, and the group's participating projects have been nominated for the 2023 Pudong Employee Science and Technology Innovation Advanced Operating Method Award. More enthusiastic than the atmosphere of learning, working, and surpassing others, actively responding to the theme of "focusing on technological self-reliance and promoting enterprise innovation and development" in Xuanqiao Town, the selected project was awarded the "Top Ten Golden Ideas" of Xuanqiao Town in 2023. Internal competitions are carried out in an orderly manner, including labor skills competitions for equipment department, room temperature warehouse, and manual bag making. Pay attention to improving the comprehensive literacy of frontline employees in the group. Connect with Shanghai Open University to enter the factory area for education, and promote more than 40 key employees of Tramy to participate in on-site education for academic advancement in their spare time.

Relying on well-equipped facilities, it was awarded the title of Shanghai Model Worker Home. The quality of life for employees is guaranteed and improved. The group has been awarded as a four-star enterprise for quality of life for Pudong employees in 2023 and an excellent partner for quality of life for Pudong employees in 2023. Actively participate in higher-level activities and participate in the "Four Seasons Rainbow" series of hundred team brisk walks. Send care and care to the grassroots level, organize free physical examinations for migrant workers, mobilize workers to voluntarily donate blood, and reflect the beauty and warmth.

In 2023, with the joint efforts of cadres and employees, and the care of higher-level unions, the Tramy Labor Union won a total of 84 awards, including 5 municipal level individual and departmental awards, 10 district level individual and departmental awards, and 3 township level individual and departmental awards.

In 2024, the Tramy Labor Union will adhere to the central task of the group as the theme and direction of all work, accurately find the entry point and focus on efforts, and enhance the leadership, organization, and service capabilities of the labor union organization. Continue to strengthen ideological and political guidance.

In the new year, the Tramy Labor Union will actively adapt to the new situation and requirements of leading the construction of the district, improve the innovation service system for frontline employees, establish the concept of skill development and skill service for enterprises, play the role of the labor union as a university, enhance the overall quality of employees, continue to deepen technological innovation, and play a role in mentoring. Efforts will be made to cultivate skilled craftsmen who can adapt to the development of the entire industry chain of the group. Efforts will be made to cultivate a large number of highly skilled talents who are capable of leapfrog development in the entire industry chain, including craftsmen, model workers, and pioneer studios. Special product studios and fruit and vegetable clean vegetable product studios will be created. To build a platform and provide a stage for the broad masses of workers to better play their roles. Carry out regular basic work, conduct physical examinations for employees, increase union membership insurance arrangements, and continue to provide regular assistance to employees in need. Fully tap and integrate resources, create a higher-level model worker home and quality life demonstration enterprise, provide better services and higher quality life for employees, carry out various cultural and sports activities, and truly become the trusted "mother family" and "caring person" of the vast number of beautiful workers.

Stimulate the innovative and creative energy of the vast number of Tramy employees, and contribute new energy to the better life of the people.