Believe that as you forge ahead, you will always see a rainbowPublish Time:2024-01-30 11:52

Time flies, reminiscing about the past. Tramy Group has gone through many years, experiencing the baptism of time. Glorious scenes and achievements have impressed and moved me. His glory and glory have made me proud to be a member of the Tramy Group family, working hand in hand and moving forward side by side.

Time goes back to September 2023. On that day, among all the young people who participated in the Tramy job application, they submitted their resumes. After the initial selection and interview, I became a member of the company. From then on, my life began a new journey. Time is a thief, it always takes away our dreams and leaves us with a bunch of reasons to persuade ourselves not to make progress. For too many people who are willing to be ordinary and content with the status quo, work is a burden and a hardship, while for me, work is a responsibility and a practice.

In my work, I firmly believe that "education can only represent the past, and learning ability represents the future.". In the three months since joining the company, I have almost traveled to every corner of the Tramy Administrative Building, "in the wind and in the rain.". In the face of difficulties, the weak will only hesitate to move forward, while the strong will face difficulties and rise up. I seize every opportunity in procurement and sales negotiations, eagerly learning product knowledge, understanding the various functions of products with every supplier, and analyzing every component. Carefully handle every small detail and problem in work. Dreams never forget the time of struggle, opportunities always favor those who are prepared. As long as they are diligent, hardworking, patient, and good at learning, the company will provide more opportunities and platforms for every outstanding employee to showcase their talents. As I am deeply responsible for the new expansion of the company's household appliances and pet categories, I feel an unprecedented pressure in the process of transitioning from offline to online procurement and sales roles: lack of logic for online explosive products, re establishment of thinking awareness, still need to improve professional knowledge, and insufficient employee trust... Whether to move forward or retreat, after a short period of questioning and hesitation, I chose to move forward. Faced with new challenges and moving forward courageously, I started with the most basic business training, started with the trivial matters in my work, and gradually learned new business and knowledge. Three months of time passed in a flash, and I also embarked on a new journey of a beautiful life.

Believe in looking up during low periods and restrain impatience during high periods. We always keep our original intention to work. In our work, we focus on external bidding channels (JD, Tiktok Live), and negotiate with suppliers internally on the spot. Loose is harmful, strict is love. Everyone has distinct personality traits and varying levels of education, making negotiation difficult. I insist on using systems to manage suppliers, infecting business partners with corporate culture, and achieving personal and team growth for employees, as well as mutual development with the company. In today's rapidly intensifying personnel flow, the stability of Tramy Group employees has always been high, which is also the support of a series of benefits for the company. It is the employees' recognition of the company's corporate culture and strong belonging to the team.

Every ordinary job requires 100% effort. Eliminate all obstacles for sales transactions. I have learned to put myself in the shoes of others. As I work in the procurement and sales team, I also understand the true significance of the company in supporting positions, and how important it is to connect the procurement and sales of goods in the retail industry with friends. For the past three months, I have been constantly reminding myself in my work that "what I choose must be without regrets, and what I choose must be done with care." I have been fulfilling my duties, being honest and selfless, and being busy every day. Only because I love this job, love it, and look forward to it, can I be passionate and selfless in my work. Teamwork and collaborative spirit have become particularly important, as each team member can fully leverage their strengths and actively contribute their efforts. We trust each other, support each other, and work together to solve problems. That is why we are able to overcome various difficulties and improve customer satisfaction.

Author: Huang Zhen [Supply Chain]