Enterprises are our shipsPublish Time:2024-01-30 11:55

The company is a ship, and every employee is a crew member. They set sail and steer the ship, bravely advancing in the rapids. Everyone needs tacit cooperation in order to avoid being swallowed up in the stormy waves. The combination of strength and wisdom, the fusion of courage and perseverance, the determination to move forward together, mutual trust and dependence, not being bound by their respective identities, having one's own heart and strength, strength can eventually be achieved.

In fact, everyone has to go through an unforgettable journey in their lifetime - on calm or rough seas, a ship, big or small, carries you and other like-minded people persistently forward. If you are not the helmsman on this ship, you are either a crew member.

The fate of a ship is your future, and the direction of a ship is also your life. The ship is floating and sinking on the water surface, requiring the control and control of the helmsman and crew; The key to a ship moving forward and backward in the wind and waves is whether the helmsman and crew can provide it with sufficient power.

When you join a company, you become a crew member on that ship. When a crisis is presented to everyone, because you are on the ship, you have no choice but to share the joys and sorrows with the ship; Because you are in the company, you have no choice but to share the joys and sorrows with the company. Whether you are a helmsman or a crew member, if you regard "the company is your ship" as a common concept, then you will feel that the interests and risks of those on board are the same. This is the win-win path for employees and the enterprise, and vice versa.

In enterprises, leaders are helmsmen who guide the direction and decision-makers of the ship. Their thinking is to stand from the perspective of the entire enterprise and take responsibility for our entire ship from a global perspective. Employees are crew members, and doing a good job is a responsibility. Responsibility is the foundation of standing, and giving up responsibility means giving up oneself. Any individual should not only focus on their own personal interests, but also take into account the company as a whole. Only by conscientiously and excellently completing the work delivered by the company can we keep the company in a state of continuous development. This way, the company can provide us with positions to showcase our abilities and obtain more rewards in the process of development, which are not only material, There is also a spiritual aspect.

The company and its employees are a symbiotic entity, and the growth of the company depends on the growth of its employees; The growth of employees also relies on the company as a platform.

The company prospers, the employees prosper; Company decline, employee decline. Therefore, in our relationship with the company, we are all creating opportunities for each other, and the company and ourselves are interacting with each other.

We must treat the company's affairs as our own, and treat ourselves as a crew member on this big ship of the company. Only when each of us puts in our best effort to handle all the affairs on board, can this big ship sail smoothly in the vast sea and reach the other shore.

The company is your ship. We should learn from the professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit of our boss, treat our work like a boss, think like a boss, give enthusiasm in our work, enhance our sense of responsibility, be loyal to the company, and contribute to the realization of the company's vision.

Author: Hu Bo [Tianzhi]