Cheer up, hone yourself, and realize your life valuePublish Time:2024-01-30 12:13

In today's fast-paced work environment, we often feel the fatigue and boredom of work. However, if we view work as a means of self actualization and pursue self-worth through work, we will find that work is not only a means of survival and livelihood, but also an important way to enrich and satisfy ourselves.

Since more than three years ago, I was fortunate enough to join the Tramy supply chain procurement team. During this precious time, I have been tirelessly learning knowledge and accumulating experience, striving to hone my own growth and progress, honing myself in work, gradually clarifying my direction, and improving my abilities. As my self-worth also increases. This value is not only reflected in material aspects, but also in the spiritual level. It concerns our abilities, attitudes, contributions, and recognition.

To pursue self-worth through honing, we first need to clarify our goals, know what we want and what kind of person we want to become. Secondly, we need to learn to seek opportunities in challenges, not be afraid of difficulties, and be brave enough to try. Finally, we need to constantly reflect on ourselves, summarize experiences and lessons, and constantly improve our abilities.

People often say, "If jade is not polished, it will not become a tool; if a person is not polished, it will not become a talent.". For each of us, every day of life is an experience, and every interaction with others, every work task, and even every failure is a test of our abilities. These challenges are the necessary path for us to pursue our self-worth.

Grinding is not only a test from the outside world, but also a catalyst for our inner growth. It allows us to better understand ourselves, understand our strengths and weaknesses, and thus find the direction of our efforts. At the same time, honing also teaches us to be resilient and able to move forward courageously in the face of difficulties. In the process of pursuing self-worth, we always encounter various challenges. These challenges may come from various aspects such as work, life, and interpersonal relationships. In the face of these challenges, we should remain calm, actively seek solutions, learn from them, and constantly improve ourselves.

Life is like a marathon, with the starting and ending points endless. We are all constantly striving and moving forward in pursuit of a better version of ourselves. It is through these trials and challenges that we are able to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and realize our self-worth. In the past three years of work, my work abilities and professional qualities have significantly improved. I am well aware that my growth and progress cannot be separated from the careful cultivation and guidance of the company and leaders, as well as the trust and support they have given me. In order to live up to this expectation, I will continue to work hard to learn, improve my work ability, and contribute my own strength to the development of the company.

Author: Zhou Yin [Supply Chain]