Tramy was awarded the 2023 Pudong Investment Promotion Physical Fitness Level Special ProjectPublish Time:2024-01-30 12:54

According to the "Several Policy Measures for Promoting High quality Development of Key Advantage Industries in Pudong New Area", the Group Technology Center has actively participated in the application for special funding for key investment projects in Pudong New Area and key technological transformation projects organized and implemented by the Shanghai Pudong New Area Science and Technology and Economic Commission through policy analysis and project construction evaluation.

In July 2023, relevant project application materials were submitted and passed the initial project review. According to the project construction requirements, the Technology Center collaborated with a third-party audit firm commissioned by the Pudong Science and Technology Commission to conduct on-site inventory of relevant equipment, sort out equipment procurement, installation, acceptance, use, and related financial information. In October 2023, the offline equipment on-site inventory verification and project audit were completed. In November 2023, the Technology Center participated in the 2023 Shanghai Pudong New Area Technical Renovation Project Review and Defense Meeting, reported on the project's construction process and results, and carefully answered the questions of the evaluation experts, obtaining unanimous recognition from them for the project.

At the end of 2023, the project review results were publicly announced, and Tramy Group successfully received special funding for promoting investment and upgrading in Pudong New Area in 2023- encouraging enterprises to increase investment efforts.