Tramy Group holds a product recommendation meetingPublish Time:2024-04-30 07:53

To strengthen multi-directional communication in various links of the Tramy ecological chain, create a supply and demand platform, and promote the upgrading of the Tramy large supply chain, on March 12, the first supply and demand selection meeting within the group - the 2024 Tramy Group Product Recommendation Conference - was officially held. What was the overall atmosphere of the exhibition? Which products have outstanding selling points? Please follow the editor of "Tramy Group People" and take a brief look at the exhibition site, combining pictures and text.

On the day of the exhibition on March 12th, exit the elevator in the administrative building, follow the guide, and walk right into the exhibition site.

The group has developed new content on its inherent hardware, opening up 2000m ² As an exhibition space, upon entering the venue, one can see the internal exhibition presenting a professional effect of the external exhibition.

Face to face display of the blue and yellow logos of Tianxin and Tianzhi

Tianxin has a wide variety of dishes to meet the needs of consumers in all scenarios.

Tianzhi Baozi Mantou has a variety of flavors. The taste combines the softness of the south with the chewiness of the north, and is suitable for consumers from all over the world.

Tianzhi Nut is independently produced, using high-quality raw materials, layer by layer inspection, scientific technology, and more than 20 products to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

Tramy has its own exhibition area and is adjacent to the first and third factories for soy products.

Agricultural technology has brought direct supply of fresh vegetables from all seasons to the base, and high-quality dishes combine with the group's existing product portfolio, forming new selling points.

Tramy has a rich variety of its own products to meet the comprehensive needs of consumers.

Beef, pork, poultry, and Tramy meat and poultry are mainly supplied in a one-stop manner, with fine processing in a low-temperature production environment, making it convenient for customers to cook on their own.

Directly harvested from Tramy aquatic production areas, without intermediaries earning price differences, it is safe, delicious, and not expensive.

Tramy Fruit Industry is fashionable and modern, with product selection that meets the needs of young people.

At the exhibition, in addition to Tramy's own products, 64 brand manufacturers participated and showcased over 300 popular products, demonstrating the momentum and scale of Tramy's product matrix