Riding the wind and waves, embarking on a new journeyPublish Time:2024-04-30 10:49

On March 9th, riding the wind and waves, she embarked on a new journey and continued to write about the beauty of Tramy. The Tramy Group's celebration of Women's Day theme event was officially held, paying tribute to Tramy women and showcasing the charm of Tramy women in the new era. Group President Fu Yaojuan, Senior Vice President Shen Jie, and women representatives from various departments of the group attended the meeting, with Group Office Director Wang Jiafei presiding over the meeting.


The meeting will first broadcast a promotional video of the 36 military regulations of Tramy Group, and then enter the communication and speech stage. At the meeting, President Fu Yaojuan, on behalf of the Tramy Women's Federation, extended festive greetings to all female compatriots of Tramy Group and affirmed the unique role played by Tramy employees in the development of the entire industry chain of the group over the past year.

Shen Jie, Senior Vice President of the Group, introduced the development history of Tramy to the conference. Since its establishment in 1998, Tramy Group has gone through six stages of development, starting from bean product workshops, gradually developing and growing into a full industry chain food industry group with planting, breeding, processing, distribution, and channel stores.

The emergence of Tramy has promoted the transformation of Shanghai's soy product industry from manual workshops to mechanized large-scale production, creating the first comprehensive, all category, and cross regional development soy product enterprise. After completing the initial goal of "promoting Chinese soy culture and building the country's first brand", Tramy has shifted to the breakfast project, focused on vegetable baskets, and replicated the successful experience of the soy product market. With pre packaged short guarantee breakfast, Tramy has quickly opened up the market. Tramy continues to improve the construction of the entire industry chain, and with a rapidly expanding self owned product matrix of over 5000, it has laid out its own terminal strategy. With the rapid iteration of quality life, Tramy fresh food, and Tramy fresh home, as of the end of 2023, Tramy Fresh Home Shanghai The number of regional stores has reached over 900, covering more than 90% of urban areas in Shanghai.

At present, Tramy has sounded the clarion call to enter the Yangtze River Delta. Before the Spring Festival of the the Year of the Loong, Tramy has opened 9 Tramy fresh club stores in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. 2024 is the starting point for Tramy to move towards a larger stage, but also the critical moment for Tramy to continue to move forward and surpass itself. Shen Jie encourages the vast number of Tramy female employees to always keep up with the rapid expansion of the entire industry chain of the group, not fall behind, face difficulties, and continue to exert her strength in the new journey of Tramy people's livelihood, promoting new momentum for women.

At the meeting, the President of the Group, Fu Yaojuan, made an important speech and put forward several expectations for various departments of the Group. In terms of finance, she hoped that the Finance Center would continue to strengthen communication and cooperation with marketing, operations and other departments, assist them in formulating more accurate and effective sales strategies, improve the company's gross profit and cash flow, and reduce the company's financial risks.

In the field of agriculture, the CEO hopes that agricultural technology will explore self operated models, actively expand external markets, and explore a "harvesting while sowing" model in agricultural bases to ensure the continuous utilization and efficient output of farmland. The President has made a request to the Technology Center to continue strengthening communication and coordination with various government departments, keeping abreast of the latest policy developments, and striving for more honors and resources for the company.

The president requested that the marketing center continue to play the "wolf like" spirit, explore new markets, and achieve a new leap in sales. In terms of supply and procurement, the President requests to continue to strengthen communication with suppliers, strengthen communication with the operations department, further reduce procurement costs, and better meet the needs of store sales. We will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation in logistics and warehousing, and boldly innovate in software, hardware, talent, processes, and other aspects to meet the needs of the rapid development of Tramy in the next decade.

In 2024, the Tramy blueprint has been drawn. Faced with the increasingly competitive market and constantly changing customer demands, we must always maintain a keen insight and innovative spirit, constantly open up new markets and models. During this process, the CEO encouraged everyone to keep up with the development pace of Tramy Company, "don't be afraid, bury your head in work, follow along, and win for sure", actively adapt to the changes and development needs of the company, continuously improve your professional and comprehensive qualities, and strive to not fall behind in the development of Tramy, become a great talent, take on great responsibilities, and make great achievements.

At the meeting, women representatives from various departments of the group spoke one after another, imagining their work and insights in Tramy. In the afternoon, Wang Jiafei, the Director of the Group Office, represented the Women's Federation of the Group and led female employees to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Guangfu Forest and enjoy the spring scenery, allowing everyone to have sufficient rest and relaxation both physically and mentally.