The progress of vegetable branding in TramyPublish Time:2020-10-21 03:21

In order to fully implement the work requirements of the chairman and general manager on building the whole industry chain strategy and producing high-quality fruits and vegetables, with the strong support of the company's management, on July 31, 2019, 50 new varieties of vegetables (hereinafter referred to as Tramy Vegetables) of Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences were officially planted in Tramy zhangjiaqiao base. Such large-scale trial planting of vegetables is rare in Pudong and even in Shanghai, On the basis of doing solid and excellent agricultural products, Tramy is trying to expand its provenance.

1. Popular vegetables

As a popular vegetable produced and supplied in Shanghai every year, Chinese cabbage is one of the most cultivated vegetables in Shanghai. Shanghai people love vegetables. As the folk saying goes, "vegetables and tofu are safe", people in Shanghai can eat no meat for a day, but they can't eat vegetables for a day.

The person in charge of the municipal agricultural committee told the media that in order to implement the strategic plan of rural revitalization, agriculture, including vegetable brand construction, has become an important starting point to improve agricultural competitiveness and efficiency.

Under the condition of stable supply, the demand of Shanghai consumers has changed from "having food" to "eating good food". Food should be safe first, and then fresh, good-looking, delicious and nutritious. Unfortunately, the famous local vegetable brand in Shanghai market has not yet formed, and the Japanese "king of flowers" has monopolized the market for many years.

2. Variety

The market needs high-quality vegetables, and the local vegetable quality brands are relatively scarce, which coincides with Tramy's whole industry chain and vegetable branding strategy. The Internet platform enterprises mainly focus on the direct supply of production areas, while Tramy goes further, starting from the provenance, controls all links of the industrial chain.

The vegetable varieties included Nongke 01-39, Xinxiaqing 1-6 and Haiqing 1-2, as well as functional new varieties of vegetables, including purple leaf vegetables "Ziyi", "Ziyi", etc. Compared with the common vegetables, the tested vegetables generally have strong growth vigor, high yield, heat resistance, humidity resistance and virus resistance, which are suitable for cultivation in summer, autumn and winter. In particular, the new varieties of green vegetables, purple leaf vegetables "Ziyi" and "Ziyi", are not only outstanding in appearance, but also have anti-aging, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects.

3. Considerable economic value

On September 16, the harvest of the trial vegetables was completed. Tramy technical team, together with the main leaders of Tianzhi and Tianxin, tasted the vegetables on site in the R & D Office of the second factory to test the actual taste of the new trial vegetables. In order to ensure the validity of the test, 50 kinds of vegetables use the least seasoning and the most basic cooking methods. The results showed that some summer dishes harvested this time had reached the taste level of winter vegetables.

For a long time, the yield of vegetables in summer is low, the quality is poor, the price is high, but the market demand is large. Vegetables need to ensure enough sweetness to withstand the huge temperature difference in autumn and winter. When vegetables are planted in summer, the sweetness is relatively low and the taste is easy to bitter. The taste of some Tramy vegetables reached the winter level, showing high quality and huge market potential. At the same time, according to the technical center, some new vegetables harvested this time have wider leaves and higher yield than traditional products. Its color is pure and can also be used as the stuffing of vegetable bags.

It is reported that the company will continue to test new varieties of Tramy vegetables, and further improve the taste and yield by evaluating the picking time and other means. According to the 50% - 70% increase of yield per plant, it can increase the income by nearly one million yuan in the most expensive summer three months.

4. Stick to the whole industry chain

The slogan of Tramy's whole industrial chain is loud, and Tramy is firmly implemented. Through continuous trial production, Tramy strives to build its own brand, Tramy 1, Tramy 2, or as the management team has conceived: "Tramy NO.1, Tramy NO.2..."

For a long time, the brand of Tramy occupies a dominant position in the secondary industry. With the foresight and full promotion of the management of Tramy, Tramy has extended its reach to the first industry, and gradually extended to eggplant and fruit and breeding with the breakthrough point of making refined, thoroughly done and making green vegetables. It is not only vegetables, but also pigs, chickens and sheep; it is not only products, but also permeates the provenance, which is a real and solid whole industry chain.

Pursuit of essence, not pursuit of more, pursuit of quality, not pursuit of quantity. Work hard and work hard!

In the category of vegetables, Tramy can also create a well-known trademark: Tramy vegetables.