Helping the food industry to create another honorPublish Time:2020-10-21 04:06

The 2018 National Conference on science and technology progress and quality of food industry was held in Beijing recently. During the meeting, the leaders of the China Food Industry Association highly praised the Shanghai Tramy green food (Group) Co., Ltd., which has consistently implemented the general secretary Xi Jinping's nineteen major report in the party, pointing out that "innovation is the first motive force for leading development and the strategic support for building a modern economic system". In the spirit of "speeding up the construction of a powerful manufacturing country and accelerating the development of advanced manufacturing industry", Tramy has driven the food industry to develop in the direction of safety, nutrition, green, environmental protection, automation and intellectualization with scientific and technological innovation. It has adjusted the structure, increased varieties, improved quality and created brands to gradually meet the people's growing needs for a better life.

At the meeting, Mr. Shen Jianhua, chairman of Tramy group, was awarded the title of "national food industry science and technology innovation leader in 2018", and was recorded in the archives of Chinese traditional food technology masters. Tramy group's vegetarian chicken series products have been listed in the list of Chinese traditional food symbolic products. Tramy group's "research and demonstration of efficient treatment and recycling of waste soybean products resources" project was awarded the "excellent award of science and technology award of China Food Industry Association in 2018". China Food Industry Association earnestly hopes that Tramy group will continue its efforts, innovate and develop continuously, and become a benchmark enterprise of traditional Chinese food manufacturing industry.