Chairman Shen Jianhua appointed by Chinese Academy of SciencesPublish Time:2020-10-21 04:12

On November 1, the Shanghai Institute of advanced research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, formally awarded a letter of appointment to chairman Shen Jianhua, who was appointed as a part-time researcher (associate researcher level) of Shanghai Institute of higher research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, for one year, He is mainly responsible for the research cooperation project between Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tramy group - "key technology research and demonstration of high temperature fermentation of yellow slurry sludge and soybean residue to prepare organic fertilizer", and the leader of scientific research cooperation technology of "key technology research and demonstration application of ecological cycle of soybean processing waste".

Two research projects focus on the recycling process of soybean dregs. Under the great pressure of environmental protection, the traditional treatment method of bean dregs has been difficult to continue. Recycling is the inevitable direction for the healthy development of the industry, and is also a field with considerable accumulation of Tramy group. Using high temperature composting fermentation bacteria to prepare soybean dregs organic fertilizer efficiently has the advantages of short fermentation time, high maturity of materials, less loss of nutrients, and thorough elimination of diseases and insect pests. When it is applied to vegetable base or supporting farmland, it can better promote the growth of plants, thus generating more comprehensive economic benefits and promoting sustainable development under the protection of ecological environment Exhibition.

The deep cooperation between Tramy group and Chinese Academy of Sciences marks a new stage of Tramy group's industry university research cooperation. The organic integration of the first-line experience of enterprises and the theoretical accumulation of scientific research institutes, giving full play to the respective advantages of both sides, will certainly promote the rapid development of enterprises and further push the industry to a new level.