Tramy agricultural base for mechanized production and operationPublish Time:2020-10-22 08:52

It will be harvested in the morning of November 29, 2019, and will be sold in stores on the afternoon of 29 November Leadership appreciation, customer praise, hot sales Under the spotlight of many mainstream media, Tramy's high-quality and full mechanized production of chicken feather dishes (hereinafter referred to as "Tramy machine picked chicken feather vegetables") has made great achievements, and Tramy's whole industry chain strategy has jumped out of a beautiful waltz.


On the afternoon of the 29th,Tramy machine picked chicken feather vegetables were transported to Tramy fresh food stores. Changqing store, Xietao store, Nandan store, Yingchun store and Songjiang store were all on the shelves.

At 1:00 p.m. on the 29th,Tramy machine picked chicken feather vegetables were delivered to Tramy fresh food Changqing Road store. Bundles of neatly packed chicken feather vegetables were put on the store's container. The fresh dishes were more green under the light, which aroused customers' desire to buy.

At a price of less than 2 yuan per pack of 400g, compared with the market price, it is nearly cut short compared with the market price. As soon as Tramy Jicai with high quality and low price is put on the market, it is sought after by customers. Before 4:00 p.m., all 500 packages of Tramy Jimao vegetable in Changqing store have been sold out.

A nearby customer said to the reporter's camera lens: this (Tramy machine picks chicken feather vegetables) is of good quality. It's clean. Don't pick up vegetables when you go back. It's more cost-effective than that in the vegetable market... "


Tramy's whole industrial chain has been running at a high speed, and high-quality Tramy fresh food products have stepped onto the stage step by step.

Back four hours ago, at 9:00 a.m. on November 29, a "on-site promotion meeting for full mechanization of green leafy vegetables" was held at zhangjiaqiao planting base in Tramy. Zhang Guokun, director of the municipal agricultural and Rural Committee, Xu Huiqin, deputy director of the municipal agricultural and Rural Committee, Shi Zhong, chief economist, Guan Xiaojun, deputy director of Pudong New Area, and Wu Zhong and Tramy, deputy directors of the agricultural and Rural Committee, were held in zhangjiaqiao planting base in Tramy Group chairman Shen Jianhua and other industry authorities were all present.

At 9:00 a.m. in zhangjiaqiao base, the sun is just right, and the sunlight is shining into the multi span greenhouse. The Tramy machine picking chicken feather vegetables for harvest reflects the bright green luster. From the row by row of green extension, the corridor of the greenhouse is crowded with people and stands in a row. The leaders express their professional opinions on the technology of farmland facilities; the reporters and friends take pictures to collect materials, and the quiet vegetable greenhouses are full of popularity on weekdays.

This is the day of the latest harvest of chicken feather vegetables. In the greenhouse, two harvesters work at the same time. Each time the machine runs over, it automatically harvests the chicken feather vegetables and rolls it to the conveyor belt, just like rolling up a bundle of carpet. On the harvester, a worker stands on the machine to collect vegetables, while another worker is responsible for placing baskets of collected vegetables at the end of the field. After cutting the soil, the vegetable roots still remain in the field, which will be used as organic fertilizer to nourish the land.

Further implement the spirit of "Shanghai green vegetable production" demonstration base construction of "machine replacement". From October 29 to November 29, under the scientific guidance of Shanghai Agricultural and Rural Committee and its subordinate scientific research institutions, the zhangjiaqiao planting base of Tramy officially launched the whole mechanization demonstration production of green leafy vegetables.

Vegetable production has been dominated by labor for a long time, with high intensity, high cost and low efficiency. With the rising labor cost, the problem of "difficult and expensive labor" has become increasingly prominent, and the phenomenon of "four old people 300 years old" is particularly common.

Mechanized vegetable production has upgraded a series of operations, such as soil preparation, border planting, sowing, transplanting, water and fertilizer integration, harvesting, etc., and the cost has been greatly reduced.

As mentioned above, mechanized harvesting is expected to achieve a single machine harvest of 10 mu a day. A 300 mu horticultural farm only needs 8 people, and the labor productivity per person is 25 times that of the traditional industrial model. For example, under the traditional vegetable harvesting mode, it usually takes 5-6 people to harvest 1 mu of land for a whole day, and the same harvesting amount can be completed in one hour by machine operation.

At the same time, due to the whole mechanized harvesting products are pure vegetables, not stained with soil, but also effectively avoid manual grasping for many times, which can reduce the secondary pollution of vegetables and further improve the controllability of product quality.


Tramy's mechanized vegetable production has been widely concerned by a large number of mainstream media. In the two weeks after November 29, authoritative mainstream media, including Jiefang Daily, Dongfang TV, wenweibao, surging news, and other authoritative mainstream media reported on Tramy's mechanized vegetable production. After seeing the news, a large number of citizens came to Qingmei fresh food store and asked to buy Tramy machine picked chicken feather vegetables.

Shen Jianhua, chairman of the board of directors, said confidently in front of the TV cameras that the production cost of Tramy vegetables has been greatly reduced due to the mechanization of the whole process. Even if the price of (Tramy machine picked chicken feather vegetables) falls below 2 yuan, there is still a profit margin, which can ensure the continuous supply of high-quality and affordable vegetables.

At the on-site meeting on November 29, relevant leaders of the Municipal Agricultural Committee and Pudong New Area praised the efficiency and achievements of Tramy in carrying out the whole process of mechanized vegetable production.

The district leaders especially appreciated Tramy's whole industry chain strategy, which will effectively stabilize vegetable prices, omit intermediate links, and bring more high-quality Pudong real estate agricultural products to the people's table.

In the traditional agricultural base, planting and channels are separated, the price of harvested dishes is increased layer by layer, and the quality is unstable. Because of the foresight of chairman Shen Jianhua,Tramy has built up the whole industry chain, and all the fields and sales channels have been opened up. Take the Tramy machine picking chicken feather vegetables as an example. After being collected, the chicken feather vegetables are transported to the pre cold storage and packaging workshop. After packaging, they are directly put on the shelves of "Tramy fresh food" stores, which makes up all the links, improves efficiency, reduces costs, and truly creates a happy life for the people with the advantages of the industrial chain.

At the same time, because of the direct connection with the channel, the production side can also obtain the market information in time to guide the actual production work, synchronize with the time and adjust in time, so that enterprises can stand at the forefront of supply and demand, and constantly launch Tramy new products that are marketable.


Tramy machine picking chicken feather vegetables is an important achievement of Tramy's whole industry chain strategy. Tramy dares to be the first in the whole process of mechanization, creates a far-reaching layout of the whole industrial chain, and finally forms a linkage between the two. It is believed that in the future, under the high position and deep layout of the management, Tramy will continue to fall on the huge chessboard of the whole industry chain, and new products, new technologies and new business models will emerge, forming a situation of multi-point flowering.

On December 3, zhangjiaqiao vegetable planting base carried out the assessment on the construction of Shanghai green vegetable production "machine replacement" demonstration base in 2019, and the zhangjiaqiao vegetable base of Tramy group obtained the acceptance of vegetable production mechanization level of four-star demonstration base with 90 points.

In the future, the group will further expand the mechanized planting area of local leafy vegetables. By 2020, the planting area of green leafy vegetables such as mechanized local chicken feather vegetables will reach 500 mu, which will effectively guarantee the goods supply of Tramy fresh food offline stores and network sales front-end warehouses.

The dance steps of the whole industry chain will be more and more beautiful!