Prevention and control and supply guaranteePublish Time:2020-10-22 09:43

The epidemic situation in COVID-19 to spread. Tramy Group actively responds to the government's work requirements of "ensuring supply, quality and price". It takes the initiative to take the lead and shoulder the social responsibility. On the one hand, it focuses on "epidemic prevention and control" and on the other hand "market supply guarantee", so as to play a good role in the prevention and control of COVID-19, so as to ensure the people's livelihood and maintain social stability.

Media focus

In the fight against the epidemic, Tramy kept quiet and kept a low profile to ensure supply. However, it received a lot of media attention. As of February 24, more than 20 mainstream media including Shanghai TV station, Jiefang Daily, surging news and Shanghai Education TV station reported on Tramy.

On February 18, the news perspective column of Shanghai TV station reported that Tramy, which is called "making steamed stuffed bun while making masks, is Tramy" cross-border "? 》Starting from Tramy's entry mask, this paper traces back Tramy's whole industry supply guarantee strategy.

The production of masks meets the external demand and reflects social responsibility; however, within the group, the epidemic prevention work has not been relaxed. Novel coronavirus epidemic control and control group was set up by the chairman and general manager in the early days of the epidemic. The group has established a personnel three-level epidemic prevention and control mechanism. Agricultural bases, production factories, warehousing logistics and fresh food stores strictly implement the main responsibility for food safety and the responsibility for epidemic prevention and control. All departments jointly prevent and control, implement the strictest guard inspection system, the strictest disinfection inspection process, the strictest personnel control, the strictest environmental control, and keep the bottom line of food safety.

Increase production capacity and guarantee supply

During the Spring Festival and epidemic period this year, the group's output increased several times compared with the same period last year. At present, it produces more than 2600 tons of various kinds of bean products, flour products, vegetables and fruits, meat, eggs, fish and all kinds of fresh food every day.

In order to overcome the production capacity dilemma, the company urgently recalled its employees from Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu and other places of origin. Some of those who had returned home also rushed back to Shanghai on the second and third day of the new year. Finally, with our full support, nearly 90% of Tramy employees stayed in Shanghai during the holiday and continued to put into production.

In the group's own agricultural base, this year's chicken feather vegetables, Hangzhou cabbage and other dishes are growing well and abundant in quantity, but the harvest personnel are insufficient. To this end, the company mobilized the surrounding farmers to become "temporary workers". An emergency picking team of hundreds of people was set up to harvest 15 hours a day without stopping. Tramy fresh food shop was set up to ensure the continuous supply of green leafy vegetables.

Since January 20, following the transfer of some existing factory staff, the company urgently mobilized administrative personnel to the workshop. 121 administrative backbones, including vice chairman Shen Hu Ming, came to the production line. The white collars quickly adapted to the pace. They either package or participate in product molding, sweat like rain in each workshop, share weal and woe with the front-line production staff, which effectively supplement the production capacity of each factory.od safety.

Through the actual experience of production, the administrative backbones have a deeper understanding of the group's production process and formed their own process suggestions; the production staff of each factory are also encouraged to work harder. 

During the period of the epidemic, we did our best to guarantee supply regardless of the type of work. If there were blue and white-collar workers before, now we are all unified Tramy. On February 15, Shanghai Education Television Station visited Tramy. After the interview, the reporter of the Education Station jokingly called the Tramy women all versatile and "three headed and six armed".

On the evening of February 25, the education TV station broadcast the special column "Tramy is fighting the epidemic". The 25 minute feature film focuses on all aspects of Tramy's whole industrial chain: orderly production workshops, clean and tidy goods storage, fresh food stores full of customers.

Make masks to support epidemic prevention

To ensure the supply of the epidemic, Tramy's production capacity has doubled, which requires a lot of manpower. At present, the daily consumption of Tramy masks is tens of thousands. As big as Tramy, at the end of January, I also found that the mask was not enough!

What should we do? On February 1, chairman Shen Jianhua made a bold decision: make it yourself!

On the same day, the management of Tramy deployed personnel from various departments to establish the Tramy mask project team. Tramy is an expert in making fresh food; making masks is an interdisciplinary business. After careful consideration, the management decided to look for an external brain. On February 1, the team contacted Shanghai Yinjing medical device Co., Ltd.

In September 2019, Shanghai Yinjing medical device Co., Ltd. went bankrupt due to financial difficulties. On February 3, Tramy team had an interview with Yinjing to discuss cooperation matters. As the core of the resumption of production, Yinjing's existing three film making machines (mask body manufacturing machines) have been abandoned for a year. They have been exposed to the sun and rain outside the factory for a long time. If they can't operate, everything will be empty talk.

In this regard, under the instruction of the management, the team decided to intervene in advance, while preparing and promoting, so as to let the project into practice as soon as possible. "As long as there is a glimmer of hope, we should push things forward."

Tramy's work in the early stage has become an accelerator in the later stage of the project. At 10:00 p.m. on February 6, two adult mask slicers were repaired by the Tramy team. On February 7, Tramy and Yinjing formally reached cooperation.

The machine is fixed, but the labor problem is in front of the team again. During the Spring Festival, the epidemic spread, a large number of labor can not return to Shanghai. In this regard, after repeated deliberation, the Tramy team put forward 6 / 2 emergency measures, 60% of Tramy employees were transferred, 20% of Yinjing old employees were recalled, and 20% of employees of surrounding enterprises were shared. At present, 60% of the mask production line employees are transferred from Qingmei. They used to make fresh food and dishes, but they also had experience in mask production on May 1. This is the cross industry team, let Tramy mask on time for mass production - on February 13, Tramy disposable mask was offline, through the internal inspection of the enterprise, the Tramy team finally completed the miracle of 10 days of re production of masks.

The whole industry chain covers the cloud

With the spread of the epidemic, a large number of residents have isolated their homesteads, and the demand for fresh food online distribution has increased sharply. A large number of residents grab food and meat in the middle of the night. Some market platforms have supply, but no transport capacity; they have transport capacity, but can not control the supply. After a huge amount of money has been burned to bring new products, basic problems have been exposed and industrial chain links are missing. Internet thinking can not solve all the problems of fresh food industry.

Tramy has a whole industrial chain from field to store sales, so cloud based is not difficult. On February 15, "Tramy fresh home" front position fresh online fresh platform was officially launched, one click order, the fastest 28 minutes delivery. Tramy fresh food can meet the physical shopping needs of the citizens, and can hardly solve the problem of food purchase for the family members. The combination of the two can cover the whole dining scene of the residents during the epidemic period.

On February 15, 2020, Tramy Fresh To Home opened 5 front warehouses at the same time, which are distributed in Baoshan District, Jing'an District and Minhang District. Before that, in only one month, the Fresh To Home team established an operation team covering the whole process of operation, sales, tracking service, distribution and supply, and data analysis. Through the cooperation of different industries and the promotion of the supply chain, the whole process of procurement, warehousing, transportation, front end warehouse and customers was quickly opened up.

With the help of the group company, the team set the goal of building 300 front-end warehouses throughout the year, covering the vast majority of residential areas of the people, until Shanghai is fully covered.

Since its launch on February 15, the sales volume of Qingmei fresh food has increased by 20% - 30% every day, which has been highly praised by customers. The birth of Tramy means that the whole industry chain of Tramy covers the cloud, and Tramy yearns for a more three-dimensional industry.