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Inheriting Chinese food


Global Competitiveness Of Fresh Food Industry Chain


  • Based on good faith
  • Innovation is essential
  • Quality first
  • Customer first.


  • National green food benchmarking enterprise


  • Serving the public
  • Benefit employees
  • Return to shareholders
  • Dedication to society.


  • Innovation, efficiency, cooperation and harmony.
  • It will never end and keep advanced forever.


  • Low-key life, high-profile work


  • Thirty six military regulations


  • Meeting people's demand for high-quality living
  • Cultivation rooted in the heart
  • Consciousness without reminding
  • Freedom based on restriction
  • Kindness for the sake of others
Tramy's Values
Based on good faith

Based on good faith

Honesty is the basic criterion of being a human being, and it is the traditional virtue of Chinese democracy. The ancients have said: people do not have faith, and they do not know what is possible. Every TRAMY person must work in compliance with laws and regulations, abide by professional ethics; keep promises, be kind, and dare to take responsibilities.

Innovation is essential

Innovation is essential

Be good at learning, be good at discovering and grasping opportunities with new knowledge and new methods; pay attention to market and industry changes, grasp customer needs, innovate service methods, effectively respond to innovative challenges, and commit to establishing a sustainable development of TRAMY enterprises, even better , Stronger must be stronger; Actively promote employees to understand and participate in innovation, learn from others, and create success together.

Quality first

Quality first

If an enterprise wants to develop, it must put quality in the first place, and put it into the heart of every employee, and care for the quality of products like the eyes. Quality is the foundation of everything. Without quality, brand, development, and competition are empty talks. Quality is the lifeline of an enterprise and the cornerstone of survival and development. Therefore, we must earnestly implement the concept of quality first, not only product quality, but also service Quality, after-sale quality, etc.

Customer first.

Customer first.

Customer first is the idea of putting customer service in the first place, that is, "taking customers as God", establishing a consumer-centered concept, thinking about what customers think, what customers want, what customers want, and what customers want.
The specific performance is: not rejecting the reasonable requirements of customers; customer's business is everyone's business; not bringing any unpleasantness to customers; not interfering with customer choices; not offending customers; treating customers as God.

Tramy's Code Of ConductThirty-six Military Regulations of Trsmy Group

Every employee must keep these rules in mind and constantly examine themselves, which is the basis for maintaining the company's and personal income strategy and development.

Survival Rule 1: never be eliminated

Survival is competition. No matter how hard we work, if we lose to our competitors, we can only be eliminated. In the environment of absolute competition, the final winner is the best adapter. We must adapt to the competition, adapt to the work, to the boss, to ourselves

Survival Rule 2: pay equal attention to the interests of the company and the individual

Tramy advocates the principle of paying equal attention to the interests of both the company and the company. However, once the personal interests conflict with the company's interests, the individual must avoid them on the basis of understanding. The reason for this is that when everyone's survival platform is destroyed, there is no guarantee of personal interests.

Survival Rule 3: supervisors must be publicized again and again

The chief responsibility of the supervisor is to publicize this staff survival rule, as well as all the concepts, standards and norms of Tramy with common significance. Don't blame the employees easily. Before that, the first thing the supervisor should do is whether you remind them all the time.

Survival Rule 4: whoever stops becoming better will no longer be excellent

Everything in the knowledge-based economy is related to learning. People who are lazy in learning will actually choose to fall behind and leave again. If you don't go up, you will go out.

Survival Rule 5: persuasion is the best embodiment of value

How to embody the value? This needs to be based on the recognition of others. Everything in the enterprise is related to persuasion. The improvement of the level of everyone in the marketing department and customer service department, and the performance of all of them are related to persuasion. Therefore, persuasion is our passport to success.

Survival Rule 6: we should work hard ideologically

Who is the hero of the enterprise, who promotes the progress of the enterprise, who is the real hero. He works hard and constantly negates the past. He is not afraid of difficulties. The more frustrated he is, the more brave the hero is. You should stick to these good moral characters, correct mistakes, abandon old habits, and be an unknown hero Physical hard work is hard work with hands and feet, but hard work in mind is hard work.

Survival Rule 7: team is the lifeline

Team is supreme, team is the best way to survive, the company allows the existence of individual heroism, but must be integrated into the team.

Survival Rule 8: do small things carefully

Enterprises advocate paying attention to details and doing small things carefully. On this issue, it is very important for individuals to change their impetuous and superficial faults. Doing so can enable you to find opportunities in the details of things, so as to make yourself on the road to success. Remember, the devil comes from details.

Survival Rule 9: don't explain. Dignity comes from results

In the face of problems and mistakes, the worst way is to explain. In a competitive society, interpretation is meaningless. Interpretation means shirking responsibility and letting others take responsibility, and can not change any results. Therefore, the first thing to do is to change the process as much as possible. Always remember that achievements speak, achievements speak, and personal dignity can only come from results.

Survival Rule 10: product equals character

The quality of products is equal to the quality of personality. Whoever produces unqualified products is unqualified employees. Excellent products are made by excellent people.

Survival Rule 11: be a wolf

The quality of products is equal to the quality of personality. Whoever produces unqualified products is unqualified employees. Excellent products are made by excellent people.

Survival Rule 12: adhere to the goal, plan success

Don't be obstinate in the form. It depends on where you insist on the goal. You must insist on something important to you. If you don't insist, it is because you don't think it's important for you. When and where to stick to it. Look at your goal. The goal is very important, but it's as light as a feather in front of a plan. Success equals to a plan.

Survival Rule 13: pay to be outstanding

If "giving" is regarded as an input, then "outstanding" is output, and input and output are always in direct proportion.

Survival Rule 14: my responsibility for the rise and fall of the company

The company is a ship, and you are the sailor. It is your unshirkable responsibility to let the ship ride the wind and waves and move forward safely. No matter who pays you, in the end, it is you who are the boss. It is not only the chairman of the board, members of the board of directors, but also every employee who is in charge of the company's fate. Therefore, as long as it is beneficial to the company, we should do our best Go to the ground and do it.

Survival Rule 15: Surpassing duty

"Duty abiding" means that you only do what you should do, and you should not be in charge of anything else. In Tramy, you can keep your duty. However, you should take the whole enterprise as your duty. Surpassing your duty actually means keeping a bigger duty. If you regard the enterprise as a whole, then everything is related to you. Exceeding your duty is not to meet the requirements of others, but to exceed the requirements of others Or you can take the initiative to do it without being asked by others. The so-called spontaneous and transcendent mentality is willing to take greater responsibility.

Survival Rule 16: heart is not difficult, things are not difficult

World is not a world of powerful people, nor a world of rich people, but a world of people with a heart. Conscientiousness means a sense of responsibility. People with a sense of responsibility will make fewer mistakes, not because of their genius, but because of their sense of responsibility.

Survival Rule 17: the biggest problem is not to find the problem

The supervisor should remember this sentence. If the supervisor sets a high standard for his subordinates, of course, he will find problems. If the standard set by the supervisor is very low, of course, there will be no problem in completing it. Therefore, whether the supervisor can set a high standard for his subordinates is the key to the problem.

Survival Rule 18: What kind of people are most popular in the workplace, professional talents, some people in the enterprise is meaningless, because they have no professional spirit, they can not be relied on, they are just some bodies in the enterprise. Professional is a kind of spirit, a valuable spirit. Without a major, there is no authority. Professional means that you not only know how to do things, but also know how to do it well.

Survival Rule 19: speed is everything

For the Tramy’s dynasty, there is only one kind of speed, that is, faster. There are two kinds of people in the world, one is fast action people, the other is dead people. All slow moving people are just like dead people. In the process of competition, speed is everything. Without speed, everything can only be empty talk.

Survival Rule 20: always agree with the principle

No matter how skillful the skills are, people without principles will always feel miserable and panic. Principles are the norms of human behavior. Fairness, honesty, integrity, dignity, service to others and so on, should be the principles that we should follow as far as possible. On the basis of the principles, skills will be more powerful and influential. We should move forward in the direction of principles, not deviate from them or be controlled by people Including your supervisor.

Survival Rule 21: small improvement is great leap forward

he problem of the company today is not a strategic problem, but how to survive. Therefore, every improvement you make in your work is directly related to the life and death of the company. Every "small improvement" is a big step to the qualification and a big step in your life. It will give you an eternal driving force.

Survival Rule 22: imitation is innovation

Survival Rule 23: idon't say you can't, you can do better

Survival Rule 24: respect for leadership

Survival Rule 25:self criticism

Survival Rule 26:the supervisor should treat people rather than things

Survival Rule 27:learning to ask questions

Survival Rule 28:eliminate interference

Survival Rule 29:limited resources, unlimited creativity

Survival Rule 29:limited resources, unlimited creativity

Survival Rule 30:work is survival

Survival Rule 31:take the initiative to communicate

Survival Rule 32:managing time

Tramy's Core Philosophy
Brand concept: Constantly meet people's yearning for high quality life!
Product concept: character determines product, product reflects character!
Safety concept: food is the heaven for the people, and safety is the first! (food safety)
Safety first, production second! (Production safety)
Survival philosophy: if you don't advance, you will retreat, if you don't like it, you will worry, if you don't, you will die!
Growth concept: Tribulation is a required course for successful people!
Development concept: Open mind, build a learning organization; embrace change and achieve leapfrog development!
Innovative concept: be diligent in observation and active thinking; be brave to innovate and pursue better!
Business philosophy: help customers realize their dreams, help employees realize their dreams, and by the way realize their corporate dreams!
Management philosophy: people-oriented, governing the enterprise according to regulations, and developing the enterprise by virtue!
Mechanism concept: fairness, openness, justice and reasonableness; clear rights and responsibilities, clear rewards and punishments!
Competitive philosophy: Keep surpassing and always do better than competitors!
Progress concept: today is a little better than yesterday!
Sales philosophy: to sell with love, believe that their products and services can bring more value to customers!
Service concept: take the customer as the center, carry out three services to ensure customer satisfaction! That is, administration serves production, production serves marketing and marketing serves market!!
Quality concept: quality is the lifeline of an enterprise. When quality and cost conflict, quality first; when quality and schedule conflict, quality first!
Life philosophy: stress principle, keep order, have good faith, understand self-discipline!
Selection concept: do not choose the best, only choose the most matching!
Communication concept: empathy, heart to heart, heart to heart!
Performance concept: determine performance by actual effect and hero by performance!
Promotion concept: conduct is the pass, performance is the right to speak!
Concept of success: ordinary people pursue goals, excellent people surpass goals, and outstanding people create miracles!